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27apr6:00 pm7:30 pmPsychology of the Chakras - Certificate of Completion Part 2The Chakras and the Human Biofield


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Psychology of the Chakras
Dates: April 20 to June  8 2021
Frequency: Once a week
Time: 6pm (PST)
Class Duration: Each class is 1hr + 15 Q&A
Weeks: 8 week class
Certificate: Certificate of Completion

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April 27, Part 2 – 90 minutes

Title:  The Chakras and the Human Biofield

Your biofield is made up of the seven chakras, the shushumna and the ida/pingala.  It is the biofield that radiates ‘you’ in this dimension that measures time and space!

In this level we learn that the seven chakras are a part of the biofield and ‘holds’ the 60 – 100 trillion cells in place in space/time that are the ‘you’ you see in the mirror each day.

This is also essential to understand the reality of the chakras as living conduits of our consciousness and how the ‘three yoga bodies’ of dimensional individuation are working together.

By this time, you have had the opportunity for discourse, some homework assignments and mediations.  Now, we begin to look at the chakras as a whole and down to the uniqueness of each chakra’s attributes.

In this level you will be learning more about the chakras themselves and about the higher and lower aspects of the chakras.  You’ll learn how to assess the qualities of each chakra, their two-way function and what happens as chakras awaken at the physical, astral and causal dimensions.

We’ll discuss the difference between the consciousness of the chakras and our thoughts, and how these centers of consciousness are always flowing into physical reality the circumstances and sequences of events that set the stage for our emancipation from the illusion of separation.

Without faith, it is almost impossible to grow spiritually and would be much tougher to truly understand the chakras as centers of consciousness!

Practicum, discourse and homework.  Each lecture will have time for interactive discourse, Q&A.

Please have read Eye of the Lotus: Psychology of the Chakras by Richard Jelusich, Ph.D. to deepen your experience.


(Tuesday) 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


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