Flower Reading Testimonials

During the past 30 years it has been my profound pleasure to provide intuitive flower readings for countless participants. Occasionally these participants reach out by sending a thank you note and describing their experiences.  With their permission it is extremely humbling to present some of those experience to you below.

Richard Jelusich

Rick has been coming into our home and giving flower readings and private readings since July 1997. In the time I have spent with Rick he has heightened my awareness and opened me to miracles and the genuine magic of life. He has gently guided me through the transformational process and has provided me a safe place to heal during private readings.

The word “power” used to have a negative meaning to me, as I feel I had observed people who had abused theirs. Rick has taught me to realize the beauty of my own power, which has given me a huge shift in my consciousness.

The flower readings are truly magical but also provide a place for people to heal, grow and learn more about themselves. All of this has enriched my life more than I can convey on paper. Rick has impacted my life and the lives of my friends and my entire family, and for that I will always be grateful.

Chris Olton

I am finally back from Arizona and didn’t want to let too much time pass before I thanked you for the exceptionally nice flower reading evening. All the comments coming to me were full of praise for you & your work. My sister in particular thought that the readings you did for her adult children were quite accurate and thought they would be pleased as well. The laser show was a wonderful surprise too!

One thing I wanted to comment on–you are very knowledgeable and skillful in your presentations! We all see the impact your work has on our daily lives and think it is much more than special….more like influential with a sensitive touch! The readings give us permission to heal. Something that not a lot of others will openly admit they want for the people in their lives. I think the “fear of loss” plays a large role in their resistance…..

So, there you have it — another successful evening — many happy & peaceful people healing in your service.


Janice Knight

A stem of Sweet William and one Daffodil proved valuable beyond their typical aesthetic appeal when I had the privilege of attending two “Flower Readings” conducted by Dr. Richard Jelusich in Redding, California.

So gifted is Dr. Jelusich, that he is able to apply his own soul’s grace, empathy, intuition and humor in a “reading” of flowers that meets each individual’s comfort level, cognitive level, level of wisdom, and spiritual growth, as well as penetrating any compromise of the mind/body/spirit, by applying specific, personalized healing in the moment.

A good time is indeed had by all, whether one is simply looking for an interesting introduction to the delights that metaphysics delivers, or whether one is solidly on his or her spiritual path and is seeking the extraordinary healing, and intuited information that only Richard can provide.

I truly believe the best of Prophets are blessed with sense of humor–one comes away from the flower readings resonating to the blessing as well as to the sheer fun of it all.

With my own readings, I listen to the tapes frequently, absorbing the healing, while exploring the life lessons Richard has described, thus maximizing the experience and taking my understanding and personal growth to the next level.

It may well be that “A rose is a rose is a rose…” That is, until Dr. Richard Jelusich gets his hands on one!

Redding, California

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