Chakras 101: The Brow Chakra (Ajna)

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(For much deeper information and guidance, read “Eye of the Lotus: Psychology of the Chakras).  These examinations of the chakras are the results of my 30-plus years of research and spiritual consultations.

The brow chakra is located on the forehead, just between and above the eyes.  It is the sixth chakra counting up from the root in the spine and is often called the “third eye” chakra.  The Sanskrit word for the brow chakra is “Ajna” and means command.   When I wrote about my interpretations of the brow chakra in Eye of the Lotus, I did not read any other writings: I wanted to be my direct observations from many spiritual consultations for people and my own meditations.

Many believe this chakra to be the most important chakra as it has been emphasized in many teachings, artistic renditions and writings but each chakra has its own attributes as conduits of consciousness between dimensions.  In other words, they are all equally important.  The brow chakra is like the poster child for spiritualty!

The main psychic (intuitive) ability of the ajna or brow center is to discern or ‘know’ the paradigm or much higher truth (not just people, but places, things, events, etc.).  This is extremely valuable to allow you to perceive reality on a much deeper and broader level.

There are spiritual teachers who will recommend to awaken this chakra first, as its stimulation gives insight into higher truths, and thus gives deeper insights when working to awaken the other chakras in one’s spiritual practices.

When I continued to write my inspirations and learnings about the sixth chakra, I had difficulty turning my perceptions into words that adequately described the sublime grandeur of this chakra; thus the chapter is shorter than others but no less profound in its impact.

Discerning a higher truth or paradigm causes a significant shift in perception and perspective of reality and thus one’s responses to those perceptions can change drastically – life changing insights to better align one to their higher spiritual purpose in this lifetime.

One of the higher aspects of the brow chakra is the ability to perceive a higher order or truth or paradigm as mentioned above, because the brow chakra tends to look more ‘up’ than down.  This is an extremely powerful attribute!  One of the lower aspects, similar to the throat chakra, is to be too abstract or distant from the task at hand and thus a form of ungroundedness or disconnection from the moment and one’s power.

Remembering that all your chakras are open and active, you can cultivate the intuitive abilities and insights of the chakras in a safe manner through breathing techniques and meditations.  Always seek a qualified teacher so that you may progress in the ‘safety way’ as my teacher would say

As you can see, these blogs merely scratch the surface of the vastness of that which the chakras represent as conduits of consciousness.

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Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.