Darshan Meditations

Experience a Day of Darshan Meditation
‘Darshan’ (दर्शन) is a Sanskrit word meaning “sight” (in the sense of an instance of seeing or beholding). Its Hindu meaning is in visions of the Divine; one’s own personal recognition of the Inner Christ, the Inner Buddha. We all come together, as one mind, one heart, to access higher consciousness.

What to Expect:

During Darshan Dr. Jelusich will:

  • Help hold a high spiritual focus for the group experience
  • Lead several mediations throughout the day
    • Some with music, drumming, mantras or silence
  • Discuss spiritual philosophy, the balance of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine
  • Offer useful Tools for working with and integrating the great shift of energies
    • Methods of grounding and connecting with Mother Earth
    • Handouts of meditation practices, mantras, and tools
Why Meditation?

During meditative states you are offered an opportunity to completely relax as Dr. Jelusich creates a vehicle for a totally beneficial and uplifting group transcendent experience towards super-conscious states.  Dr. Jelusich connects you with joyful feelings of faith, love and universal perfection; balancing and supporting the energies of the group.

Meditative awareness offers evocative reminders of your perfection and naturally accepting the gifts of your divinity celebrates the purity of your existence as a luminous being of light (currently experiencing a physical body), and continues connecting you to the perfection of nature, and to your divine oneness.


Guided Group Meditations with Dr. J

Join Richard as he uses guided imagery to paint a transcendent picture of our multi-dimensional nature,

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