Chakras 101

Richard JelusichBlog

The Chakras consist of seven energy centers first documented in the Hindu Vedas over 3700 years ago by yogis with the spiritual perception to recognize these energy/consciousness hubs. They are aligned from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

Initially challenging to comprehend, Chakras transcend the confines of space and time, yet they exist within you as a part of your ‘biofield’ (the human aura). Chakras facilitate the flow of consciousness between the physical and non-physical dimensions (the astral and causal dimensions), and as part of the biofield, they play a role in anchoring our physical bodies in spacetime. They convert spiritual energy into chi or prana, which flows through your tissues and organs.

Chakras are often seen as energy centers that provide the energy accessed by acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners when treating the body and emotions. However, Chakras are much more than just sources of energy; they are gateways to consciousness that flow between these different dimensions of reality and individuality (the physical and non-physical).

Each Chakra possesses specific attributes, including intuitive abilities, which impact the four archetypes of the ‘whole human being’: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Engaging in healing or spiritual practices related to Chakras stimulates an ‘awakening’ to higher dimensions, offering profound insights into elevated levels of awareness that go beyond the limitations of five-sense perception and intellect alone.

Blessings – Dr. Richard Jelusich