Chakras 101: The Throat Chakra (Vishuddhi)

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(For much deeper information and guidance, read “Eye of the Lotus: Psychology of the Chakras). These examinations of the chakras are the results of my 30-plus years of research and spiritual consultations.

The Sanskrit name for the heart chakra is “Vishuddhi.” It means “to purify.” I have found through countless spiritual consultations and research that the throat chakra is one of the most powerful of the seven to purify one’s karma (attachments) from this and past lifetimes. This is because stimulating this chakra through spiritual practices causes one to be more aware (comprehending) of their circumstances and responses to life’s challenges and to transcend them.

The main psychic ability attributed to the throat chakra is telepathy; the ability to know that which is the character of a person, place or thing. Intuitive abilities are about perceptions of all creation, not just person to person. These abilities are always active in you and me, though not cultivated in many people.

One of the really cool things about chakras is that as they awaken, you begin to see things more as they are instead of as they appear to be. For the throat chakra, one gains higher levels of spiritual awareness and comprehension; a much more powerful and broad beingness than just intellectual, five-sense perception understanding.

A particularly powerful aspect of the throat chakra is that as it is accessed through power of faith in one’s intuition (telepathy), there is the possibility of reducing and dissolving karmas (attachments) from this and past lifetimes. The result is one overcomes the illusion of feeling/being separate and begins to feel more unified with all creation, more grounded and present in the moment, and more productive and efficacious in one’s endeavors.

Higher aspects of the throat chakra include the person who possesses a higher comprehension (intuitively, not just intellectually) and can thus be regarded as a teacher (most of our communications with each other is on a higher spiritual level, not verbal or physical). Lower aspects of the throat chakra include being ungrounded, too much thinking, not willing to let go of certain ideas that are no longer useful, as well as living in the future (prescience). Breathing techniques with the throat chakra are particularly helpful in terms of staying very present in the moment (the only place where your power truly exists) and being mindful. Of course, spiritual practices benefit the awakening of all chakras!

Remembering that each chakra is your teacher and represents what you came to learn and to do, the throat chakra teaches you to trust your intuition through telepathy; but not whether you are telepathic. It is whether you are using the abilities you already have. You come to learn to trust to be vulnerable to your intuition to arise to ever-higher forms of comprehension, spiritual awareness and meaning. As you do so, you then represent to others what to do: You trusting your higher faculties can induce in others the same desire for them to trust their intuition to gain higher levels of meaning, to see things as they are, and make better decisions in life.

Each chakra is a center of consciousness and sets forth situations and circumstances in your life that you may learn the lessons (seeds of karma) embedded in each chakra. In different lifetimes, different seeds will sprout. Remember that you are always capable of learning and overcoming your challenges; it is the reason for causation (rebirth).

How you respond to these situations defines your character in a lifetime.

As you can see, these blogs merely scratch the surface of the vastness of that which the chakras represent as conduits of consciousness.

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Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.