Intuitive Flower Readings

Intuitive Flower Readings are fun, accurate, entertaining, and certainly give a lot to think about! Dr Jelusich gives a reading on the “state of your life now”, this information is about your path and characteristics, and a brief healing. 

Intuitive Flower Readings demonstrate to participants their true spiritual nature – that they really are an amazing luminous being of light… that they are far more than just the mental and physical presence of their body.

The information Dr Jelusich provides is accurate on a spiritual level, often including surprising elements about the participants true nature, past life or lives, current life journey or challenges.

Intuitive Flower readings uniquely and powerfully demonstrate the presence of energetic signatures.  Dr. Jelusich reads the character/soul quality energy from anonymous flowers, and performs a brief spiritual energy healing for each participant in attendance.

Whether you gather family and friends for a private flower reading or attend a larger group event, there will be valuable awakening, transformative insights meant to empower your Spiritual nature.

What Dr. Jelusich does during an Intuitive Flower Reading

Dr Jelusich reads the consciousness of the individual on the flower, and provides information on a soul level that is accurate for the personality of the holder, including reason for incarnation, soul’s purpose, life’s strengths and weaknesses, and current issues.

Also included may be past life information (including birth-marks that are cellular memories), and on-the-spot healing of infirmities, imbalances, bodily illnesses, and tube attachments. The individual’s identity remains anonymous to Richard until the end of the evening, where they may claim their flower, or not, as they wish. A question and answer period ensues.

What Intuitive Flower Readings offer Participants
  • a greater understanding of how your true spiritual self continually communicates energetically;
  • deeper insights into your character/challenges in this lifetime;
  • practical ‘how to’ advice on issues or challenges relevant to you;
  • spiritual healing/empowerment.
  • each participant’s reading information is recorded for your reference

Intuitive Flower Readings – What are they?

Listen to what participants had to say about their recent
Intuitive Flower Reading via ZOOM!

june, 2024

Full Calendar of Events

Flower Readings by Dr Jelusich are available worldwide via Zoom or in-person San Diego

Only prepaid registered guests will have their Flower Read.

Maximum number of guests – 12

Additional participants may sit in on the workshop for a fee of $15 per person note they will not have an intuitive reading.


$50.00 per person (includes a CD of the reading)

 Are you interested in Hosting a Flower reading?

Our Hosts receive their flower reading for FREE!                                                                       


Payment via Credit Card or PayPal required the day of the event. 

Cancellation policy – 24 hours’ notice required, or 50% of appt. charged

Please note that there is a 100% charge for no show

*It is the responsibility of the Host/Hostess to collect payment as we have found that with this structure, time is spent focused on the readings rather than on processing individual payments.

A good time is indeed had by all, whether one is simply looking for an interesting introduction to the delights that metaphysics delivers, or whether one is solidly on his or her spiritual path and is seeking the extraordinary healing, and intuited information that only Richard can provide.”