Chakras 101: The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

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(For much deeper information and guidance, read “Eye of the Lotus: Psychology of the Chakras).  These examinations of the chakras are the results of my 30-plus years of research and spiritual consultations.

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head.  It is the seventh chakra counting up from the root in the spine and is considered the highest of the chakras, although it depends on one’s point of view as to how the chakras actually work.  The Sanskrit word for the brow chakra is “Sahasrara” and means “thousand-petalled”, with many alternative names and spellings.

I wrote about my interpretations of the crown in Eye of the Lotus: Psychology of the Chakras from my inner research and many spiritual consultations for my clients.   It is easy to think that the higher the chakra on the body, the more important it must be.  However, all the chakras are vital in holding the “you” in this dimension of space and time.  They are much more than centers of energy.  

It would be more accurate to state that all chakras are conduits of consciousness between dimensions of reality (individuation), affecting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual archetypes of the whole human being.  That is why I observed that a higher chakra is not necessarily better, worse or more important; they are all important.

The crown chakra is much like a gateway or hallway to even higher orders of being (God-consciousness; accessing one’s spiritual nature in the astral and causal dimensions, where a person also exists).  As the sixth or brow chakra, the crown chakra tends to look more “up” (focusing more on higher levels of awareness, not limited to space or time).  Again, while the crown chakra is lofty, all chakras benefit one’s character by awakening them through spiritual practices in a safe manner.

Awakening the crown chakra through spiritual practices is, like the other chakras, life-changing.  As with any chakra, stimulating and awakening them allows one to “see things as they are” instead of as they appear to be.  That alone can cause some dissonance in one’s life when reality does not match the perception or perspective, and one must change to suit the higher revealed truth or continue suffer from the illusion of separation.

The main psychic (intuitive) ability of the crown chakra is like an exponential leap up from the brow (ajna) chakra ajna whose ability is discern or ‘know’ the paradigm or much higher truth.  It has been very difficult to put into words that can be adequately communicated, but it is a type of God-consciousness, whose awareness transcends the limitations of space and time, where even the future and the past are in the now for the awakened chakra of the individual.

One of the higher aspects of the crown chakra is God Awareness, where one tends to dwell more on universal themes and philosophies, not from five-sense perception intellect, but rather from higher states of spiritual awareness that is not conceptual thinking or imagination.  One of the lower aspects is a vague awareness of the infinitude of God and God’s love; locked into spiritual ideas and philosophies rather than direct, inner revelatory experience.

That is why no matter your religion, your spiritual growth is an entirely intimate inner merging with all that is.  It all boils down to self-realization to see beyond duality, to oneness through higher levels of spiritual awareness.  It is always a good idea to persist in awakening the chakras in a safe manner with qualified teachers.

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Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D