The 2012 Era: Understanding this Century

You are powerfully connected to this era. Realize how much more you already are than you may consciously know.  Messages from ancient cultures offer us sophisticated knowledge which current science now confirms. Dr. Jelusich speaks of inner transformation; and of practical actions for living this amazing adventure.


Science is continually re-writing the textbooks in light of higher understanding of the mechanics of reality. Through the heavy fog of our western technology mindset we are only now grasping what ancient evolved cultures left for us as a blueprint;  a “how to” for embracing the power of this time, a time of great inner change.

You begin by empowering your self-awareness in the understanding of 2012 as a Waveform of Consciousness. This is the time to Embrace Your True Self.  This era represents the means to evolve further and faster than in any recent time of human development: your super consciousness is activating as our solar system is crossing the Galactic Center.

Dr. Jelusich speaks about You, evolution and consciousness:
  • Recognizing the intense polarity we all are experiencing as part of universal mechanics;
  • Human consciousness and releasing the limitations of the mind;
  • Becoming aware of realities above the physical universe – owning who YOU truly are;
  • Awakening to your internal power and connection NOW, in this pivotal time;
  • How to surf the Waveform of Consciousness;
  • Opening your heart and embracing your awakening.

Human evolution has evolved to the point where we are supposed to embrace our power as we move beyond limitations of the mind.  Dr. Jelusich will discuss 2012 as a representation of the Earthquake of the Mind; how this is a time of ‘purification’, and how best we can ‘connect, balance, and integrate to fully empower ourselves.

Dr. Jelusich concludes his workshops with a questions and answer period. He loves the hard questions best!

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