Hands on Chakra Balancing Workshop

See how your super conscious state is always radiating through your Chakras into your waking reality.  Learn  how to recognize who you are now, and how you can more easily access your spiritual self – that knowledgeable and peaceful part within you.

Dr. Richard Jelusich has studied the chakra system for over 20 years and is the author of 2 revolutionary books on the chakras:

Eye of the Lotus: The Psychology of the Chakras – a clear and comprehensive guide to the psychology of the chakras.

I Can Relate: How We Intuitively Choose the People in Our Lives – learn how to understand chakras to understand relationships.

To date he has taught over 500 individuals in the esoteric spiritual healing arts, assisting them with tools on how to understand who they are as spiritual beings and how to live in the feminine power of flow while learning to empower themselves.

Dr. Jelusich blends his extensive experience of the experiential, esoteric meaning of the chakras, with academic and scientific knowledge.

During this workshop, Dr. Jelusich will guide you through a compelling and thorough journey of the Chakras, including stimulating exercises to awaken your higher awareness.

Your great questions during the workshop will create an intensely thorough and satisfying experience.


What you will Learn:

  • To understand how chakras are not limited to space and time
  • Learn the spiritual meaning of the chakras
    • And how the chakras affect the four archetypes of the Whole Human Being
  • How to apply the philosophy and awareness of each chakra’s attributes to your daily life
  • Explore Hands-on exercises to enhance your experience, and thus your spiritual awareness
  • Understand how today’s science is enhancing our practical knowledge of
    • Chakra and meridian existence
    • The holographic universe
    • The connectedness and harmonic synchrony of all things

Grow through this workshop in appreciation of your true multidimensional nature!

Spiritual Healers Training

Now could be the time for you to own and increase your natural healing abilities. Dr. Jelusich offers an 18 Level Healer’s Training course blending energy, science and spirit to overcome limitations of the mind; empowering individuals, creating great healers.

More Info

Dr. Jelusich holds these workshops in Calgary, Alberta Canada and San Diego, California.  Join Dr. Jelusich for one of his regularly schedules events or host one for your friends.  You’ll be glad you did!