Intuitive spiritual counselling sessions with Dr. Jelusich are available in person in  San Diego, or by telephone/Zoom worldwide and are always recorded for your future reference.

Powerfully gifted as both an intuitive and a spiritual healer, Dr. Jelusich has been a Spiritual Counselor since 1991 and became a Spiritualist Reverend in 1995.

As “down-to-earth” in his private sessions as he is during his training sessions, Richard assists his clients by “sensing” their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states of being, as well as the energetic presence of their Chakras.

Richard’s clients choose the content and direction of their Private Spiritual Counselling Sessions which can include any combination of the points below.

Healing (Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually)

Dr. Jelusich has worked as a spiritual healer and teacher, a facilitator for God’s (the Creator’s) energy for over 20 years.  Dr. Jelusich has many testimonials confirming the accuracy of his readings and assisting individuals to heal. However, it is YOU who is ultimately in control of your own healing.

You and/or your family may notice many changes in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states after experiencing a private session with Dr. Jelusich.

Soul Purpose/Past Lives and Karma:

Receive information to help you identify Karmic causes for your inner challenges. Understand how drawing upon the skill sets and character you currently have can help to clear Karma while aligning you with fulfilling your life’s purpose. These deeper insights into the ‘how and why’ of your current life situations, and your relationships, may help you in making happier choices for your future.


Receive practical ‘how to’ counseling for building inner strength and balance.  Are you a healer or on the path of becoming awakened?  The energetic re-balancing of your Chakras can assist you in opening higher levels of consciousness within yourself.  As you become more balanced and self-empowered, you can experience living your life in a more peaceful and purposeful way.

Dr. Jelusich believes spiritual healing occurs when you connect to your Divine Source Energy, experiencing the true ’One-ness’ in which we already exist.

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Private Sessions are available in-person in Calgary and San Diego or by Skype or telephone worldwide.

Payment via Credit Card or PayPal required at time of booking.

Cancellation policy – 24 hours’ notice required, or 50% of appointment charge

Please note that there is a 100% charge for no show

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Spiritual Healing continues for 3-5 days: Be sure to drink plenty of water, and give yourself adequate rest. Keep up your spiritual practices (whether you choose meditation, prayer, or simply a walk in the park) during these days. Please remember to follow these after-healing self-care steps whenever you review your recording.

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“In the time I have spent with Rick he has heightened my awareness and opened me to miracles and the genuine magic of life. He has gently guided me through the transformational process and has provided me a safe place to heal during private readings.”