Integrative Chakra Therapy® – Subtle Energy Training for the Whole Human Being

Now could be the time for you to own and increase your natural healing abilities. On-line via Zoom Mentorship Program now available.

San Diego Light News Spiritual Healer's Training Graduates - Group 5

San Diego Light News Institute Graduates – Group 5

This 18-Level, 2½ year long Integrative Chakra Therapy® training course blends philosophy, techniques and experiential subtle energy healing into a beautiful unfolding of “awareness”. This course is not just for those who wish to learn subtle energy healing, but for those who wish to continue their personal spiritual development. You will be learning subtle energy healing which will include and enhance your pranic, radiatory, telepathic and magnetic healing abilities naturally. ICT is not limited to time or space, because students are working at the level of the chakras where the “whole human being” emanates his/her individuation into this dimension. Therefore, this is the most powerful and fundamental form of healing because it works on the level of consciousness and affects the four archetypes: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

You will learn more than the philosophy and techniques of this powerful healing and will undergo their own inner transformation. As students apply healing, balance and support to others, the work helps to heal, balance, and support their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.

The Goal of ICT – Training for the Whole Human Being is to help you become a self-empowered, self-realized individual who is spiritually aware and an independent thinker; emancipated from the illusion of separation from the Oneness in which we all live.

To date Dr Jelusich has taught over 500 individuals in the esoteric subtle energy healing arts through his ground-breaking course “Integrative Chakra Therapy®”. Students of his course are provided the tools necessary to help them understand who they are as spiritual beings and how to live in the feminine power of flow while learning to empower themselves.

Classes are held in Calgary, Alberta, San Diego, California, and Vancouver Island British Columbia. ICT Training students attend a weekend training course (two new levels per weekend) once every three months, continuing over a two year period, covering a full 18 level program.

Due to COVID – 19, January 2020 Dr. Jelusich started his Mentorship Program for students wishing to gain more knowledge and understand of their spiritual nature and path. Certified Instructors Bev Wein and Deirdre Leighton joined the teaching team now offering on-line training and programs world wide via Zoom.

Students have the opportunity to practice regularly with their fellow students, reviewing and integrating that which they have learned – growing and strengthening their own natural healing skills and talents.

A link to the full course outline is provided below and shows the depths students are taken through on their journey of self-discovery. For a Mentorship Package please contact Deirdre.

Dr. Richard Jelusich is an author, teacher, gifted spiritual energy healer, experienced international speaker, and ordained minister with over 30 years in the field of spirituality, and the study of metaphysics. He now dedicates his life to those on a quest for self-empowerment through education, demystifying metaphysics and assisting individuals to honor their natural gifts and inner truths.

Richard has studied the chakra system for over 20 years and is the author of 2 revolutionary books on the chakras:

The “Integrative Chakra Therapy®” classes build a strong and solid base for students developing their individual talents, as they become clear and powerful instruments for Spiritual Healing.

For more information on this life changing course or to join us during one of our “Introduction to ICT” weekends in Calgary or San Diego, please use the “Contact” button below.  An ICT graduate will be on the other end of the phone or email and would be happy to answer your questions.

“My new ICT: Subtle Energy Healers become stronger, more flexible, and consistently more empowered through owning and honoring their own inner knowing – that part deep within each of us which knows the truth”.

Are you ready to commit to honoring the development of the beauty and purity of your natural Spiritual talents?

”Trust with your heart what your mind cannot yet know.” For more information or to register for this life changing course contact Deirdre, a graduate of our ICT Training program and Light News' Office Manager. She'll be happy to assist you in any way she can!

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