Making the Inner Connection

You are powerfully connected to this era. Realize how much more you already are than you may consciously know.  Messages from ancient cultures offer us sophisticated knowledge which current science now confirms.  Dr. Jelusich speaks of inner transformation; and of practical actions for living this amazing adventure…

Scientists have said we humans are currently using only 10% of our brain.  We have huge potential, but for what purpose?

Within the rapidly unfolding dramatics of our time, if you are seeking focus and tools for experiencing balance as you open your heart to your highest possibilities, information provided by Dr. Richard Jelusich may be the perfect inspiration for you.

Making the Inner Connection

Scientists are re-writing the facts of the universe, in an attempt to keep up with the amount of incoming information they can now prove is real: the average person may not be sure what to believe.

Here is the simple truth; in your heart you already know. You know what is true, to you.  Perhaps you have not yet given yourself the time to sort all the information flowing through your life’s awareness in a way that makes sense of how everything fits together – connecting you to the heart of what rings true to your inner knower.

Uniquely blending energy, spirituality and science in this workshop, Dr. Jelusich shows how your ownership of your true inner connections empowers you. Imagine seeing and feeling the excitement of your life’s wonders unfolding, through expanding your understanding of your own spiritual nature.

Choosing your point of awareness/connection:
  • How the cycles of time run faster toward 2012, and why you were born within this timeline;
  • Why the expression of your spiritual nature’s perfection is getting stronger;
  • Recognizing your inner connection, regardless of what the media says, or what you have been told;
  • Making sense of the past, the present and the future; knowing your purpose in this picture:
  • Developing your natural gifts and talents; creating more balance and stability for yourself;
  • Honoring your truth; developing strength and flexibility as you awaken.

Still have more questions? Perfect!  Any unanswered questions are welcomed in Dr. Jelusich’s questions and answers period after his main presentation.

Wear comfortable clothing, as this workshop concludes by experiencing a deeply heart felt meditation connecting you to your present perfection – confirming the grace and wonder of now.

Making the Inner Connection

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In the understanding of our true metaphysical nature, one of the most difficult aspects of our reality is the paradox of our being as pure spirit and as material beings. But another equally challenging aspect is the true ownership of our spiritual power, without it coming from an egotistical perspective. “Externalizing the True Nature of the Awakened Human Being” provides an intriguing journey of the mind’s understanding to that mysterious notion of “the next level” of consciousness that we all have been hearing about so much, Dr. Jelusich will take you through an evening of deep understanding of this ownership of spirituality, and he encourages your most difficult questions during the entire evening.

Please feel welcome to call or email us to arrange a workshop for your group or organization.