Are You Using your CPS* to Find Your Way? (*Chakra Positioning System)

Richard JelusichBlog

We have seven chakras; centers of consciousness. Yogis have written about them for thousands of years, yet even today in this most modern age there are many who know very little about what a chakra is, how they work or what they mean.

Most people today know what “GPS” is: “Global Positioning System.” A network of linked satellites orbiting Earth relay your position to your car when you are driving or to your phone when you are jogging or hiking.

My reference to “CPS = Chakra Positioning System” is in our growing understanding of what the chakras really are, beyond a color or musical note associated with each chakra.

It is an attempt at humor to mean as you recognize the power
you already have in your chakras, you’ll know your position in life much better!

For many years, since the early 1990’s, I deeply studied the chakras not just as centers of ‘energy’ but centers of consciousness that enable us to exist physically in this dimension, experiencing time and space. Chakras, as you probably know, affect the four archetypes of what it is to be “The Whole Human Being,” mental, physical, spiritual and emotional states. Over the years, I developed a theory that one chakra is more ‘dominant’ or ‘prevalent’ in how we perceive reality than the others. Hence, “Dominant Chakra Theory.”

In other words, the chakras as centers of consciousness enliven our intuitive abilities; each chakra possesses one or more intuition type (e.g., telepathy, empathy, etc.). All our chakras are ‘on’ 24/7 because they are not limited to time or space. This can be quite confusing, as we tend to believe that only our five physical senses are the only ones that provide information to our consciousness. That also means that all our intuitive faculties are on, all the time. It’s a lot like having muscles, but not being aware that you can cultivate and strengthen them to live your life more powerfully.

Where do you start? With an understanding that you are both non-physical and physical! That causes many people to put on the brakes right there! Today, there are so many spiritual teachings that reveal this truth, and much scientific evidence of our ‘non-local’ self that the evidence is very compelling! We have seven chakras, lined up more or less along our spine, and each is beyond time and space yet still ‘there’. Very difficult for the mind to rationalize. It is what psychologists call ‘non-rational.’ The awareness of the chakras beyond time and space just does not follow rational rules.

Chakras are conduits of consciousness of higher states of being. With a basic understanding of each chakra; how it functions and is ‘us’ on a higher level of self, we begin a path of knowledge, leading to greater self-awareness of our true being.

When you seek information, it can become knowledge as your understanding grows. Knowledge can become wisdom with sufficient experience. Wisdom can only become realization with awareness. Awareness is that state of being that passes beyond space and time to a knowingness. Awareness is not conceptual thinking or imagination.

To awaken one’s chakras (through prayer, meditation and spiritual practices) is to be in greater states of awareness; to begin to see things as they are and not as they appear to be. The more you use your chakras as true centers of access to higher levels of awareness, the more your CPS (Chakra Positioning System) guides you to your highest and greatest expression – beyond using only the intellect itself.

Albert Einstein spoke of the value of intuition – “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” The use of the intuition through the chakras to perceive higher levels of awareness is what liberates us from limiting belief patterns.

Nikola Tesla said: “But instinct is something which transcends knowledge. We have, undoubtedly, certain finer fibers that enable us to perceive truths when logical deduction, or any other willful effort of the brain, is futile.”

If you truly desire to ‘see’ more clearly, invoking the use of your chakra centers as conduits to higher states of consciousness and awareness, you must use your intuitive abilities and understand how the chakras are the conduit that merges the spirit and the body that is you.

In my work on dominant chakra theory for more than 30 years and having created and taught students Integrative Chakra Therapy® for more than 20 years, there are several types of exercises available that stimulate the chakras in a safe manner.

If you want your CPS to help you to know where you are in life and have a much better idea where you are going, click here for some beginning exercises.

Your chakras are already ‘on.’ They are there like sleeping giants, only waiting for you to awaken them.