Chakras 101: The Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

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(For much deeper information and guidance, read “Eye of the Lotus: Psychology of the Chakras”).  These examinations of the chakras are the results of my 30-p;us years of research and spiritual consultations.

The solar plexus chakra or Manipura (The Jewel) represents one’s truth, uniqueness and power.  Like all chakras it is not whether you possess the higher abilities it is that you possess them and will reveal through your spiritual practices and awakening.

In the solar plexus chakra, the consciousness that flows through sets conditions and circumstances, according to your karma, that creates opportunities for real spiritual growth and awakening.  As a chakra is simulated to awaken, powers develop and in this case authenticity, individuation and personal power  become realized. 

These circumstances are often in the form of dilemmas and/or power struggles as defined by karma; intended to reveal the true spiritual power that already exists.   The main psychic power of the solar plexus chakra is incisiveness – the ability to see the truth, to perceive the ‘bottom line’ and to see things as they are.  It is not so easy to accept that these challenges are co-created between your personal life path and the Creator (God).

These collaborations continue in the chakras, according to the lessons that are to be learned and benefitted from.

All chakras have higher and lower aspects.  One of the higher aspects of the solar plexus chakra is acceptance of personal power and authenticity.  Another is the acceptance of the “ability to be right.”  That means trusting the incisiveness to know that which is true for you, uniquely, which may or may not match the truths of those around you.  “The truth will exceed all attempts to frame it” causes one to seek higher truths, but there is a price in giving up lower truths – (The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off).

There are several higher and lower aspects to the chakras,  One of the lower aspects of the solar plexus chakra is comparing one’s self to others (a terrible price to pay).  Another is giving away power in order to make peace.

Thinking about it, the only way you can truly help others is to evolve yourself.  Each chakra has its own unique attributes, and the solar plexus chakra roots personal power, authenticity and veracity.  Continuing to evolve and awaken the chakras has an effect on the entire constellation of your relationships.  In this case, standing in one’s inner truth.

Each chakra also represents what one comes “to do” and “to learn.”  In this case, the solar plexus chakra comes to be in their personal truth and to represent that truth through thought and deed.  Som of the “to learn” aspects are standing in one’s power and truth, remaining unique in perspective but beholding and living in a higher, evolved (universal) truth.

As with the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra represents teachings.  The teachings here are to ramine steadfast in being open to ever-deeper inner revelations of Divine truth and to live that truth in every thought and deed.  Ultimately, this leads to a very Godly existence, yielding and living in ever-greater truths.

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Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.