Chakras 101: The Heart Chakra (Anahata) 

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(For much deeper information and guidance, read “Eye of the Lotus: Psychology of the Chakras).  These examinations of the chakras are the results of my 30-plus years of research and spiritual consultations.

The Sanskrit name for the heart chakra is “Anahata.”  It means “uncharted” or “unbounded.”  That is because the profundity of love at the   of the heart chakra cannot be measured or quantified (although we try!).

The main psychic ability attributed to the heart chakra is empathy; the ability to perceive the purity potential (love) in a person, place or thing.  All chakras are open, never closed or blocked, but they do exhibit different characteristics as we work to awaken them.  For the heart chakra, we are continuously empathic whether we are consciously aware of it or not.  This is so very important to understand our higher abilities are ever-present but in most it is an untapped treasure!

Each chakra has higher and lower aspects that are related to our soul’s path in a lifetime.  And chakras can have several higher and lower aspects.  Higher aspects of the heart chakra include the person with great ability to give (and also receive) love in its many forms, especially altruistic (non-personal) love. 

Lower aspects of the heart chakra can be the same as above!  That is, even though blessed with the higher aspect ability to offer great love and service to humanity, the heart chakra can also be the strong teacher in lessons to receive as much love as given, so that one can be in balance (equanimity).  Sometimes, we wonder why we are suffering if we are giving so much!  It is because we must be vulnerable to receive as we give.

Think of each chakra as another “mind,” capable of setting circumstances in your life where each chakra is your teacher: the heart chakra creating situations to correct/dissolve traumas/beliefs and karmas that are ready to release.  Each chakra represents the individuation of your being.  How you respond to these situations defines your character in a lifetime.  You can continue to awaken your chakras by passing these tests or repeating them until the lesson is learned.  Imagine the chakras as your personal liberators!

Why?  Because each chakra is a conduit of consciousness between the three dimensions of individuation (physical, astral, causal).  Most of us are only familiar with the physical dimension, though your chakras exist in all three.

You accelerate these learnings through your spiritual practices, meditations and conscious awareness of how your spiritual nature really works.

Trust in your intuitive abilities; they help you to see things as they are!

Again, the only way you can truly help others is to evolve yourself.  Each chakra has its own unique attributes, and the heart chakra radiates the sublime symmetry of all creation on all three dimensions of reality.  Awakening the heart chakra, you become love itself!  Continuing to evolve and awaken the chakras has an effect on the entire constellation of your relationships. 

Each chakra also represents what one comes “to do” and “to learn.”  The heart chakra represents one who IS love itself, whose presence is felt as healing.  This is one reason why people whose heart chakra is more dominant tend to give away too much to others (and can be perceived as healers or having a healing presence).  Remember, we all sense each other’s chakras, we just don’t call it that.  The learning is healthy emotional boundaries, letting go of what it not yours to carry, and holding healthy emotional boundaries.

There is so much to learn! Teachings of the heart chakra include that you are worthy of as great love as you give, that you are worthy of being supported through the purity of your heart, and that it is important that you develop your unique view of the world.

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Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.