Meet Dr. Richard Jelusich energy medicine practitioner, teacher with an active practice in subtle energy medicine/energy psychology and spiritual counseling.
The founder of Light News Institute, and his renowned Integrative Chakra Therapy® program (ICT); energy medicine/energy psychology for healer practitioners.  Dr Jelusich has taught ICT for over 22 years with over 500 students and graduates in USA, Canada and around the world. As an internationally known lecturer, he has traveled for over 30 yrs throughout the Americas, Europe and Japan speaking on the fundamentals of spiritual counseling/healing.  He is an ordained minister offering events, lectures, and workshops on the knowledge of chakras, past lives, spiritual development, and self-empowerment. An internationally known author of books on chakra psychology and metaphysics.
Dr Jelusich currently holds the position of Chair on the Board of Trustees and Lead Faculty at the California Institute for Human Science (CIHS), an accredited university and research institute based in mind-body-spirit.
Dr Jelusich and his wife Dr Michelle Dexter are founders of the Bamboo Garden Wellness Center in Encinitas, California, a holistic integrative multi-discipline center based in body-mind-spirit.

Intuitive Spiritual Counselling with Dr. Jelusich

Dr. Jelusich has been providing spiritual counselling in person in San Diego and internationally via Zoom or by telephone, for almost 30 years. All counselling sessions are recorded in MP3 format Dropbox® data files offering continued healing and inspiration.

Intuitive Spiritual Counselling  with Dr Jelusich offers the tools for self-empowerment — blending healing, spiritual counselling (understanding your soul’s purpose/challenges) with ‘how to’ information on clearing Karma and programming.

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Integrative Chakra Therapy®: ICT Training for the Whole Human Being

For the past 16+ years Dr. Jelusich been teaching “Integrative Chakra Therapy®“, a course he developed to enable students to “own” and increase your natural healing abilities.

With over 500 graduates and students worldwide, this 18 Level, 2½ year long  course,  blends bio-field energy balancing/healing techniques, science and Spirit to help students overcome limitations of the mind.

Richard offers 2 levels of Integrative Chakra Therapy®  in Calgary and San Diego every three months, allowing students time to to practice/integrate their new-found healing skills and techniques with fellow classmates and well-qualified graduates.  This blend of coursework and practice has served students well on their path to becoming great ICT Practitioners.

Experience an introductory weekend for yourself and see if this is the course you’ve been looking for!

Where’s Dr. J This Month?

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Dr Jelusich’s workshops, including Past Lives, Karma and Reincarnation, Chakras – Lighted Pathway to Super Conciousness, and Hands on Chakra Balancing Workshop  are based on his books, Eye of the Lotus, and I Can Relate.

EYE of the LOTUS, Psychology of the ChakrasEYE of the LOTUS, Psychology of the Chakras — discusses the characteristics and qualities of dominant chakras, explaining how your dominant chakra affects your perceptions/reactions. Your chakras are YOU on a higher, spiritual level. Each dominant chakra affects ones’ nature and disposition uniquely through mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states. Exercises and strengthening techniques for balancing the chakras are included in this uniquely informative book about chakras.

I CAN RELATE, How we intuitively choose the people in our livesI CAN RELATE, How we intuitively choose the people in our lives — explains how and why our predominant chakra draws certain people and situations to us. Learning to understand yourself in this new way you can improve all your relationships. I Can Relate includes 27 case histories, a self-assessment checklist for your dominant chakra, plus 7 keys to creating satisfying and rewarding relationships. Now Available in Spanish!  

Crystal Bowls of Tibet Meditation CD

Crystal Bowls of Tibet Meditation CDA powerful transformational meditation and healing tool, Dr. Jelusich and Dr. Jacob Hans created a CD  from the pure healing sounds of crystal bowls, water and nature through the use of 3D recording techniques.

Exciting Workshops, Lectures and Webinars

Join Dr. Jelusich for an informative blend of day-long workshops!  Gather a group of friends and family and host a workshop or participate in an event being held in Calgary or San Diego.  Be sure the checkout our calendar of events for a workshop near you!

Workshops include:

Hands On Chakra Shop  Unlock your potential! Learn techniques for using your bio field to strengthen your inner voice and spiritual healing abilities.

Darshan Meditation  Experiential Meditations  Guided and unguided, included are slides and lecture of meditation philosophy.

Intuitive Past Lives, Karma & Reincarnation  Discourse and personal past life evaluations for each attendee.

Intuitive Flower Readings  Personal evaluations for each attendee from a character/soul quality message delivered by your Flower! Including a mini healing from Dr. Jelusich.

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