Chakras – Lighted Pathway to Super Consciousness

See how your super conscious state is always radiating through your Chakras into your waking reality.  Learn to recognize who you are now, and how you can more easily access your spiritual self – that knowledgeable and peaceful part within you.

Lighted Pathway to Super Consciousness – In the study of consciousness, western science has finally confirmed the energetic presence of your Chakras.

Yes, we are already are beings of LIGHT connected to higher Consciousness, yet your Chakras are far more than you imagine them to be. Could your Chakras be the ‘God Spot’ or ‘Zero Point’, where your spirit and your body are unified in the paradox of your being: individuated and universal?

Ready to translate more of your amazing divinity into the reality of your daily life?  Are you aware that most people’s chakras are open, yet dormant? Many people still are unaware that 95% of all communication is on that subtle and powerful energetic level which is always broadcasting, long before the mind thinks or words can be spoken.

Dr. Jelusich shares information within this workshop which is all about your self-empowerment:
  • How your soul quality is expressed into your waking life through your Chakras;
  • How determining and working with your naturally dominant Chakra helps you;
  • How each Chakra has a personality trait/traits it expresses; each with a specific lesson/challenge to resolve;
  • Recognizing and developing the subtle level of intuitive gift/ability rooted in each specific Chakra;
  • Learn how greater awareness of yourself through understanding your Chakras provides you greater choices in your life perceptions, as well as in your work, personal and family relationships.

This is a time when you are supposed to become aware of and understand the subtle forces in the universe; including understanding your Chakras.  Awareness and Chakra exercises can allow you to express more of your spiritual presence into your life, every day.

Dr. Jelusich concludes this workshop with a questions and answer period. He loves the hard questions best!

Please feel welcome to call or email us to arrange a workshop for your group or organization.

Interested in learning more about the chakras? Dr Jelusich also offer a Hands on Chakra Shop!

In the understanding of our true metaphysical nature, one of the most difficult aspects of our reality is the paradox of our being as pure spirit and as material beings.

But another equally challenging aspect is the true ownership of our spiritual power, but not from an egotistical point of view.

Hands On Chakra Shop provides an intriguing journey of the mind’s understanding to that mysterious notion of “the next level” of consciousness that you and I have been hearing about so much.

Dr. Jelusich will take you through an evening of deep understanding of this ownership of spirituality, and he encourages your most difficult questions during the entire evening.