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Have you ever wondered that if you knew what is the root cause of your challenge, you’d be able to more fully address it?  This is what Bamboo Garden Wellness Center is all about – creating a greater awareness in our clients and patients of their true issues and challenges. 

Many refer to this as “functional medicine,” but to truly address a root cause to become aware of it beyond the biochemical and physiological; even beyond the emotional, towards the spiritual nature of the issue.

Why is that?  What is it about awareness that is so compelling that the ardent study and application of mind-body-spirit healing is at the forefront of understanding “The Whole Human Being?”  The whole human being is composed of four archetypical qualities: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  All of these aspects functioning in balance denote health.

But how is the spiritual in integral healing applicable to awareness?  Take a look at the image accompanying this article.  It was drawn centuries ago by a spiritually awakened person who drew what they saw as the energy (not physical) patterns in the body: the chakras and the meridians, or nadis.  How is it that the artist had the ability to discern these patterns when they are not optically visible?

That person had advanced themselves beyond five-sense perception intellect into a higher state of consciousness.  That high state grants an awareness of what is already there, but not visible to one how has not cultivated their abilities.

There is a wonderful book by Dr. Dean Radin (Chief Scientist of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, IONS) called Supernormal: Science, Yoga and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilites.  In the book, he explains that higher states of consciousness reveal powers and abilities that are not available to the five sense perceptions.  This greater state of awareness allows one to see things more as they are than as they appear to be and unlock vistas of levels of being that are not available to ordinary waking consciousness.

That individuals can attain these levels of powers and abilities is normal, not special nor unique to only a few.  We all have these abilities because we all have a spiritual nature.

This is an image of the human energy system drawn by someone who has achieved a higher state of spiritual awareness to view the subtle energy components of the whole human being.

The illustration shows the chakras and nadis that make up the human biofield.  That someone had the level of awareness to view these subtle qualities of the human being has been the basis of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

What is most fascinating?  This observation of the human being is completely available to you right now, but you may not yet have developed or cultivated the level of awareness to be able to perceive it.

Practitioners who are truly trained in cultivating higher states of awareness in integral medicine (mind-body-spirit) can demonstrate these abilities.  Medical intuitives and other practitioners of subtle energy medicine and energy psychology are today embracing this understanding of the whole human being in order to emancipate their patients and clients from root causes of infirmities and traumas.

The only way to overcome an illusion is to first recognize there is one.  Herein lies the rub:  it is difficult to describe the taste of an orange to one who has never had the experience themselves.  Each journey into higher states of awareness, the development of these abilities, is unique to the experiencer.  So it is difficult to convey the spiritual nature of a person based on their chakra disposition, condition of the nadis, even past life karma to a person who has no such foundation in this level of awareness.

Higher states of awareness can be achieved through spiritual practices, meditation, yoga philosophy and practice, mentoring under a qualified teacher, going within, and many other methods.  But because you already are a spiritual being having a physical existence, the necessary abilities to attain higher levels of consciousness are already an inseparable part of you.

That is why we must educate the public on the truth of our nature of the whole human being, for the sole purposes of self-empowerment and self-realization!

Here is a simple exercise called “Objectifying the Mind:”

Relax, breathe gently and close your eyes. 

Breathe as though your lungs extend down to your beltline.  Does not matter if mouth open or closed.

Begin by imagining you are outside of yourself and that you can view your mind from a distance.  When your mind is thinking of something random or unpleasant, say: “Would you look at that mind of mine!  Isn’t that interesting!”  It means you are not your thoughts: your mind issues the thoughts forth, but you are more than that!

This is a way of being in a higher state of awareness that is not limited to the thinking (time and space) of the physical mind.

Take a few deep breaths when you feel complete.

You can do this exercise at any time, especially when bothered by encounters or life’s circumstances.  This does not mean you don’t care.  Rather, it means you are more than you think; that you can take a step back from your mind and consider more fully your response to life’s situations.  This is self-empowerment.


Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.