Maya Path to 2012

Richard Jelusich Blog

I just returned from a trip to the states of Yucatan, Campeche and Chiapas in southern Mexico to present, with my dear friend and colleague, Miguel Angel Vergara, “Maya Path to 2012, Awakening the Spirit Within”.  Each year, the Maya Path to 2012 focuses on a topic relative to the teachings of the Maya, the most advanced ancient culture to recently inhabit our planet.

Ix'CheelBALANCE is one of the most important things we can do to embrace the reality of the changes that are upon us.  Outside of poetic New Age rhetoric, this IS the end of a 5,000 year cycle and it IS the end of a 26,000 year cycle, as predicted by the Mayans.   As Gregg Braden states in his book “Fractal Time”, there are only five generations that have seen the end of major cycles in the past 5,000 years, and THIS GENERATION is one of them!

Why are you incarnated at this time?  Why now at the end of an era and the beginning of another?  Everything is about cycles; and the age we are entering is happening right now, both bioelectromagnetically (physical) and spiritually (esoteric).  The Mayans knew this so utterly and so clearly, it is as if our own parents were gently guiding us to grow in the most eloquent way possible.

This is one of the reasons Miguel Angel and I do our work: to help people understand the truly evolved state of the Maya teachings that we are ONE mind and ONE heart, not separated by centuries, but by the cycle of evolution we are in.  Those messages in stone, stelae and codices have survived for the purpose of TODAY, for YOU and I to learn and benefit from much higher levels of Teachings.

The Maya were Time Lords: they knew the celestial mechanics of waveforms affecting time and space, as that affects consciousness.  Even today, physicists have such a difficult problem defining time.  Did you know that current experiments have divided time into such small intervals that scientists discovered time does not exist at those minute intervals?  Physicist John Wheeler defined time: “Time,” he said, “is what keeps everything from happening at once.” (Braden, Fractal Time, p. 95)

StelaeMany in esoteric studies are saying we are experiencing the end of time.  I believe they are correct, but more accurately it is WE who are experiencing the end of a level of beingness, and arising to a higher, more evolved state.  It is natural that we do, and the Mayans knew this over 1,000 years ago, as the end of two major cycles are happening at this moment.

Staying in balance, becoming more aware of your metaphysical nature and your corporeal presence is one of the strongest, most useful and productive ways to go through the great changes that are occurring.  Prayer, meditation, right living, right action: behaving in harmlessness and compassion are ways to achieve this balance.  Keeping the family strong, loving and communicating with each other, recognizing our unity in community are also necessary ways of staying in balance

All starts in your heart.  Without inner peace, the rest of your endeavors will not be as fruitful.  Open your heart, live in balance with nature.  Open your heart, live in balance with yourself.  Doing the right thing is never too expensive.  Experience the teachings of the Maya as loving guidance you were meant to find: Universal Teachings of the ONEness of all things.  The Mayans say: “In Lak’ ech  —  A La ‘Kin”  (I am you, You are me).

Dr. Richard Jelusich is a gifted intuitive spiritual counselor/energy healer, author, teacher, experienced international speaker, and ordained minister. With over 30 years in the field of spirituality and the study of metaphysics, he now dedicates his life to those on a quest for self-empowerment through education, demystifying metaphysics and assisting individuals to honor their natural gifts and inner truths.