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For me, 2009 was a year of great personal change on all levels: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. Such change and release is necessary for growth, but if I knew ahead of time what lay before me, would I have gone through it? I wouldn’t have changed a thing, but as you know the events can be intimidating while you’re going through them. I was, of course, hoping for the best of me to come forth.

In the U.S., we elected a new president who at this time has been in office for one year. The promised changes are not occurring, as we had hoped. I was recently reading an article about how we place our hopes in the actions of others. The author pointed out that ultimately it is up to us to affect the changes we seek Are we indeed performing those actions that will bring about the beneficial changes we desire?

As 2010 unfolds, the challenges we encounter can be daunting if we choose to experience them in that way. But to be candid, I’m rather excited as I feel such power and possibility to manifest positive, cooperative change as we work to manifest the reality we desire.

Focusing on CONNECTION is the key to inner peace, happiness and satisfaction through 2010: Recognizing, then freeing yourself from reactive feelings to the many external changes around you, empowers you more, each and every time as you choose to return your focus to CONNECTION with internal peace. If you are at peace with yourself, the external world will respond to that peace. The Connection is achieved through Balance, and many people ask me what that means.

Balance means Spirit and Body; the Esoteric and the Physical. It is important to maintain your physical health and also your spiritual health. Many people over the last 20 years have been turned off by mainstream religions because they felt the religious structure was not answering the really important questions: “Who are we, really?” “Where are we headed?” “What does 2012 really mean?”

So what is spiritual health and how do you make the connection? Spiritual health comes forth from within your Higher Self constantly, and it makes itself known in many forms. For example, the movie “Avatar” has been out for 2 weeks now and is already the 4th highest grossing $$ movie ever made. It’s message of the conflict between the strong desire to manipulate nature with the strong desire to live in connection with nature has affected millions of people. Perhaps many of those people thought they saw an entertaining fantasy in 3-D, but came away with a great feeling from the inner messages of the movie.

Most of us do not realize that we are constantly radiating from within the very changes that assist our spiritual connection to all things. It is natural for us to do so, though we have been inundated with manipulation of the material world in many forms, from the ‘efficiency’ of fast foods and Genetically Modified foods, to consumerism, to electronic gadgetry and so on. This incessant, continuous bombardment is coming from outside ourselves.

The good stuff is out there, too. Did you see the movie Avatar? Did it stimulate within you the desire to increase your connection to all things natural? There are many movies, books and other media coming forth that are pointing towards a positive, cooperative global human community. This is you, evermore able to strengthen your spiritual connection; it just unfolds (externalizes) in many ways:

  • When you take a moment to cherish your loved ones
  • When you acknowledge someone in your life
  • When you acknowledge the good in you
  • When you take the moment to consider, and use your free will to choose
  • When you follow your heart (intuition)
  • When you act in service to others
  • When you allow yourself to feel the purity that is within you
  • When you act in compassion and harmlessness

The last of the 9 underworlds of the Mayan Calendars (The Universal) starts in February. Anyone following the cosmology of the Maya teachings knows that when each of the underworld calendars starts, evolution unfolds 20 times faster than before. With great challenge comes great opportunity. While things appear to be speeding up around us, it is also we who are going through fundamental, internal growth.


I liken the balance required of us to surfing. The perfect wave of consciousness is rolling through the cosmos esoterically. To catch that wave requires us to make the effort (paddling) to move through the waters of emotions. Once we catch the wave, the main focus is balance, all tricks aside. Without balance, there is no ride on this Galactic Wave of Consciousness. And the wave will take you further than you can imagine.

Though of course 2010 will have challenges for all of us, I feel we are more empowered, more capable of achieving a higher level of inner connection. When next you see a movie, newscast, magazine, recognize it is an unfolding of our collective consciousness, and that you can choose to embrace the positive, overcome fear and doubt, and powerfully build upon your already existing inner connection.

Specifically, instead of forming an opinion, or choosing a side regarding what you’ve seen or heard (which involves your mind/ego actively working outside of you), through 2010 you can choose looking inside of you (trusting with your heart…) to experience the feeling of unlimited love and celebration of our ‘one-ness’, by embracing this simple prayer…

‘God Bless the Whole World – No Exceptions’.

Who did YOU think of as your exception? Anyone? OK, we are still resisting the true nature of one-ness – but even the awareness of our resistance gives us back the power to refocus on love!)

Just imagine for a second the manifesting power of the world’s mass collective consciousness when everyone actively ‘gets it’ and thinks/acts/believes this simple loving ‘oneness’ as their reality. Gandhi said… “BE the Change You Seek in the World”

Instead of hoping for change within yourself, actively working on increasing your inner connection thereby increasing your inner peace, allows wonderful changes to naturally unfold for you.

Dr. Richard Jelusich is a gifted intuitive spiritual counselor/energy healer, author, teacher, experienced international speaker, and ordained minister. With over 30 years in the field of spirituality and the study of metaphysics, he now dedicates his life to those on a quest for self-empowerment through education, demystifying metaphysics and assisting individuals to honor their natural gifts and inner truths.