Racing Towards Fruition

Richard JelusichBlog

inner transformationWe read according to what is presented to our consciousness at a certain time.  That it is providential or an accident that we ‘happen upon’ that certain something to read is not the case.

Whether it is an article to read, a lecture to attend, a workshop to experience; none are by mere chance. The term I use is “Co-Creative Conscious Collaboration.”  A certain mouthful to convey that we are conscious co-creators of our own unfolding as spiritually realized beings.  It is inevitable.

True, it might take a few more lifetimes, here and there, but the ultimate effect is the ‘samadhi’ (union with God) that our soul-quality ceaseless yearns for.   And that soul quality that is us constantly co-creates the sequence of events, circumstances and interactions that offer the possibility of ‘rapidifying’ (my word!) that process.

Well, you are definitely getting in this incarnation, exactly what you asked for!

Whether you physically remember or just know your history, there was a time when we wanted to communicate with each other over distance, that we had to get on a horse or write a letter.

Then came the telegraph.  Then came the rotary phone, remember those?  Remember when phones were so special, we created a ‘niche’ in wall in our home for the sole phone?  Then came portable phones.

Then the big leap to cell phones, and now ‘wearable phones’ like the  Apple Watch.  Where is communication all headed?  Why does there seem to be a crescendo of human activity according to connectivity?

These marvelous technological physical inventions are called ‘externalizations’.

That means all these inventions of human endeavor are really the co-creative power, at the soul level, to reveal that we are not and have never been separate from one another.

When one hears of the scientific revelations that there are over 500 studies proving that consciousness affects biological and electrical systems, the impact of this knowledge can be quite startling.

Because we ask the question:

“Where is this all heading?”

The answer is our own consciousness – We, as a collective soul-group on this planet are living in an age where we are realizing that there is no time, no space and no separation.  That we are coming to a realization of our True Selves.  The difficulty lies in holding onto the notion that we must understand this intellectually; that these advances are somehow outside of ourselves and something that must be conquered.

One of the primary precepts about spirituality is that we are ONE.  That there is no separation, but that in this dimension we are ruled by the stimulus of our five-sense perceptions.  To reconcile the mental-physical and the spiritual as coexisting is like saying that time and timelessness are coexisting – a real brain-twister.

But that is where we are.  Our soul-quality is always at work to externalize to our conscious thinking minds the truth of our being.  That it is true we are limitless beings of light who also have a physical embodiment.

That is also why simply technologically creating better connectivity between us is not the same as understanding the underlying message that we already are connected!  And in time, there will be no need cell phones – no intermediary devices that reinforce the notion of separation and that the device is needed to make it happen.

So the fruition we are collectively racing towards is a physical manifestation of the desires of our souls to remove the barriers of illusion that separate us from the Oneness in which we already live.

How to reconcile this?  Take a step back and realize –

“I am the Oneness.  There is no separation.”

Eventually we see that our obsession with technology has produced many benefits along the way, too.  Because those cell phones and tablets, for instance, has also been a co-creative collaboration to instantly bring the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of our world to us – no need to travel to get it.

It is still a secondary step, as we are a part of all things.  But think of it as a step manifested by the power or your soul to enlighten you to the truth of your being – that the sublime nature of the soul ceaselessly is creating the means of your emancipation from the illusion.

If you took this to heart; really knew the truth of your spiritual nature as a Co-Creative Conscious Collaborator with the Divine Essence (God) within you, wouldn’t you relax a bit from your struggles?

So now here you are in this incarnation, this embodiment of the Spirit experiencing that ‘rapidifying’ of human endeavor to crescendo.

Return.   Return to the seat of power within yourself.  View all these externalizations as the work at the soul-level to reveal our True Selves to ourselves. Remain centered to the Divine within you, and see this age of Inner Transformation for what it is; just that.