Inspirational Writing: My Beloved

Richard JelusichBlog

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When I search within the expanse of my heart, it is you that I am looking for.  My beloved.

When I think I would but burst with the love I have to give, I realize it is you that I am looking for.

The depths of my beingness, to love and be loved, cannot be plumbed for there is no bottom.  I feel I should yearn for a smaller task than to fit the whole universe in my heart.  But the cup of my love is so vast, it would forever overflow with the love I have for you.

Though I seek for you, my beloved, with all my heart I must also accept that the wholeness of love itself is already within me.  And my mind accepts that as true, but . . .

Then why do I yearn for you so?  A mirror to reflect back to me the unending desire to profess my love for you?  And thus to receive that ever-unfolding bliss unto myself?

Should I search for you, my beloved, or let the universe wend its way that you would drift towards me on the ethers on the path of light?  If patience I have not, should my search then be to exhaustion, to explore every path, every means, knowing that to find you is to find my light, my truth, and that no pause be taken till you are my horizon.

Yes, my beloved, my horizon.  Filling the sky of my mind from the edge of the Earth to the crown of the sky with your radiance countenance – love emanating from every part of your being into my totality.

I feel the melodic cosmic harmony of your presence, my beloved.  My heart longs for the slightest nuance of your coming presence into my life, my path.

I have beheld you in my mind, my heart, my soul.  With words that cannot be uttered, for they fail miserably to describe, I have felt your presence – sensed your gentleness and strength.

My heart lay open like a great telescope, gathering the light that would come through it to observe, should it be pointed at the constellation of your love.  Like a star, your light and love issue forth to me, surround me, enfold me, my beloved, in all directions.  I want to be helpless in your light; to surrender to your love utterly.

For to do so is to surrender to my own nature to love and be loved.  I stand open, naked and pure to receive and to give unending, uncharted love – no beginning nor end.

Then where are you, my beloved, that I may cherish your existence in my heart?  That I may know you were always there, awakening from my vague slumber to the realization that you are not a dream nor illusion.

Where are you, my beloved, that I may sing as the bird warbles its tune without caveat, but does so to honor nature and creation?

My heart beats as yours, my beloved.  I yearn for no less than that direct, revelatory experience that the threads that weave the tapestry of my being may know its truth.

My love for you has no bounds nor limit.

As I search for you, my beloved, I awaken to the simple truth within myself.