Astral Travel

Richard JelusichBlog

I know that most of us have heard of astral travel – have you done so?  It is the ability to move, with awareness, beyond the confines of your physical body and to travel with great freedom in the spiritual (astral) realms.

I’ve been holding astral travel workshops, where through guided imagery a loving, safe and sacred container is created where groups travel out of their physical bodies through these realms beyond time and space.

Most people, when they hear of astral travel, think of great distances and that is true.  One of my teachers spoke about how he traveled across our galaxy in one hour.  Knowing him for who he was, it was easy to believe that was true.  Teachers speak of traveling to the sun and back, to the Pleiades and back, and more.

Did you know that astral travel is not just about distance?  It is true; distance is no factor in the astral dimension.  Wherever you stand is the center of the universe!  But neither is size.  That is, one may ‘travel’ to the smallest subatomic particle or to the largest expansion of our universe.

Astral travel is not limited to time – one can also travel to ‘when’ and more.

Ancient cultures like the Mayans of Central America, the Dogons of Mali, Africa and the aboriginals of Australia regularly astral traveled.  And this was not just to map the stars, their locations and movement, but how celestial objects aligned from time to time (like 2012) to provide for the mass transformation of consciousness; what we are globally experiencing now.  Ancient cultures from Egypt to Central America to Asia regularly trained travelers, especially in forms of ‘astronomy’ and cosmology to be aware of the oneness of all creation.

Astral travel allows one to greatly expand their consciousness and awaken higher forms of spiritual awareness.  The Dogon, for instance, also depicted accurately the orbital path of an electron, and I suspect the vibrational character of all ‘matter!’  Ancient cultures knew far more about the consciousness of the universe, its mechanics and higher forms of consciousness than we do today.

I’ve been holding astral travel workshops since the 1990’s and now are holding them more often, due to so many seekers asking the really cool questions about the true nature of our being.

I hope you will join me for an upcoming workshop!