Compassion in Action

Richard Jelusich Blog

Every day, it appears we have an opportunity to be compassion in action. It starts with an open heart and a loving demeanor to be of service. We don’t always know, in fact seldom know, when a single act of kindness will come back to us in kind.
And in karmic consciousness, we should never offer an act of kindness with any anticipation or expectation of reward or acknowledgement. The most compassionate acts are done with love of simply being of service to others itself.

When you set an intention to be of such compassionate service, it is amazing how that “95% that is not physical” goes out to the universe and brings to you such opportunities to exercise your loving actions, and not always in the way you would suspect!

I have found that acts of compassion come in many ways, and I have learned (and am still learning) to be alert to such opportunities. And it is very compelling – you open yourself up to such service and the universe creates a queue of people and circumstances that will cross your future path without fail! In fact, you don’t even need a plan. Just to be open to service work and the universe will respond in ways that match the manner in which you may be of most service!

That is because there is no separation – we are intimately linked in consciousness to all that is created and to that which is behind creation. I have also found that when people really, truly come to recognize this intimate connection it amazes them that there is so much more subtle eloquence to our beingness than they had ever imagined!

When lecturing to my students, I speak of how we are in contact with the most distant star in our universe and the smallest subatomic particle. That we are not in the universe; we are the universe experiencing itself. As Alan Watts, philosopher, said: we are an aperture upon the universe. Or as he interestingly said: “If I am my foot then I am the sun” (his manner of illustrating that we are as much a process of the unfolding of the universe as any planet or star).

Thus, if we set that intention in compassion in action, we are guaranteed a response from the universe, because it is not separate from us. We are it. It is us!

Imagine, if everyone on this planet were to act in such compassion with that awareness of the connectedness! How would you start to embrace this way of being? By understanding and embracing this connectedness.

Does it also make sense that whatever you need to improve yourself and your life is already within you; that the life you lead already is composed of the universe reflecting back to you the manner in which you may overcome your challenges?

Paramahansa Yogananda spoke of this in terms of our rising consciousness. That we would smash our challenges with greater awareness as we spiritually awaken to that connectedness to all. It is so far beyond a religious tenet of beliefs – it is an innate spiritual awakening potential that exists in all people. That does mean that we still would experience challenges, though our comprehension of the challenges and our innate, unique connection to the experience lifts us way above how we would normally react!
Compassion in action, beginning with you, is such a powerful way to spread the love you have in your heart, the peace you hold, and your desire to help bring that level of peace to the whole Global Human Society.
And it can be so powerful, one compassionate act at a time.