Kundalini Yoga Therapy and the Chakras 2015

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“Kundalini Yoga Therapy and the Chakras” 

Highlights of Costa Rica Journey 2015

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Kundalini Yoga instructor Lisa Steels and I just returned from a week of Kundalini Yoga and learning about the Chakras at the Blue Spirit Retreat in Costa Rica. Having travelled to Costa Rica and Blue Spirit for the first time (in this life) I was instantly at home in the tropical energy of this ‘top 5 in the world’ yoga retreat. Sitting at the doorstep of the Pacific Ocean, the area is also a reserve for sea turtles, and Costa Rica is considered the birthplace of ecotourism.

IMG_0366Lisa taught 90 minutes of kundalini yoga each morning at 6 am, and I held nightly meditations, lectures on kundalini and the chakras, and a fire ceremony for the full moon on the beach on our last night there. Dear readers, it was a spiritual experience; one that draws people from all over the world to awaken their being to a higher level of precious consciousness and a higher desire to be a co-creative participant in healthy cooperative existence on our Mother, Earth. It is a pleasure to see so many seekers unfolding the truth in their hearts.

There are usually four groups that ‘book’ the retreat for a week. Ours was an intimate group, resulting in lots of time for discourse and inner reflection – I noted that each person had many questions and equally as many inner revelations. We opened up the evening meditations to all the groups, and had quite a large number of people for the guided imagery meditations in the “Sky Mind Hall” at the top of the retreat; a huge cavernous room for yoga, bounded on 3 sides by windows to the ocean and tropics, topped off with a first-rate sound system!

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I know we don’t think about it much yet, but our gatherings are scripted by the higher spirit that we are: the mind is then blessed by this simple yet effective means of group spiritual awakening, and learning of the oneness of all creation. As the mind becomes aware, our feelings of gratitude deepen as the realization of the subtle nuances of our consciousness always at work to help us unfold and awaken. This is one of the main reasons I do these journeys; to participate in the spiritual awakening and conscious collaboration of us all as we embark on the Golden Age of Inner Transformation.

In yoga practice, often the term “Sat Nam” is used in mantras and as a salutation. Sat means Truth, or the Almighty. Nam is Name or Existence of God. So “Sat Nam” means the realization of God’s presence in all things. So, “Sat Nam” dear readers.

“May the long sun shine upon you,
All Love surround you,
And the pure light within you,
Guide your way home.”
~ Snatam Kaur, from the album “Grace”

Photos of Our Amazing Journey


Nature Always Surrounding Us.

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Lisa Leading Us Through the Postures

Lisa Leading Us Through the Postures