Glass Ceilings and the Transcendence of Consciousness

Richard JelusichBlog

The low hum of the Earth reaches up and embraces you in her sweet energies of the reminders of physical manifestation. How beautifully fragrant it is to be made manifest in this place at this time.

And yet you tell me you have never been so challenged as now. In fact, many have contemplated the possible escape routes necessary for a quick exit from the planet’s grasp upon the physical plane. Need you jump on the nearest spaceship that passes by, divesting yourself of the physical “container” in which you reside? (HeavensGate ref)

Is that your reality? Would you tell me that you have been meditating for years to no avail, that you have trod the path of the humble One to no fruition? How is that possible?

I don’t speak to you now as one who has never tasted the saltiness of remorse, even though I knew and know now that I must follow my inner guidance. I didn’t know fully then in those times that I had all of the information I needed, nor the prescience to feel adequately prepared for the consequences of the actions I was to undertake deliberately.

But responsible for my actions, I am. Whether I know consciously the fullness of the parameters of a growing situation or all of the nuances of an emotional quandary, I do know what is in my heart. I do know that that quiet space is there, always, as a place of repose and peace if I but find the courage to encounter it face to face. I know that at all times I know enough. To walk the walk takes courage, but also the knowledge that one is either on their center or not. To not be on your center is an untenable position, and creates a great wobbling motion of the spirit about the peaceful inner center.

To find peace in this life, means to walk the walk. Facing what you would rather not face, but doing so in faith. Because often what you face changes its countenance completely in the light of the faith you have in the Divine Essence within you. And situations that are faced with Divine peace radiating from the center change both the perception and hence the reality. I am not one to confront, but have confronted my own fears and found little to fear.

I have feared what I do not know about myself, and have found the answer reflected back to me in the Godself of all the divine individuals that I am so fortunate to meet in this life. You have shown me so much of me that I can scarce thank you enough, save to serve you with evermore intent in authenticity and humbleness.

Do not think for one moment that you have reached any kind of pinnacle in life in your achievements, either spiritually or mentally. Would you consciously place a limit on God? Isn’t that paradoxical? If on the one hand you claim to be a spiritual aspirant but tell me you have reached the glass ceiling and can arise in consciousness no further, are you not limiting yourself?

Experience is just that. It is rooted in the temporal and spatial dimension. It is rooted in the past, as a framework for the mind to reach so far in practicality and efficiency. Alone, experience is not enough. To tell me you have hit the glass ceiling in your lightwork is to say that you have not connected to the inner you in enough faith to know what you do not know. You must embrace the mysterious in you. You have to be willing to trust that there is an unseverable part of you that is connected, as all of you, to the Divine Essence that flows through every fiber of the Universe, the Mind of God. Everything and Everywhere, you are a part of All that IS. And in that consciousness, you are connected to all of the answers to all of the questions that could possibly be framed. The finger of God always points upward in consciousness, always nudging you further; ascending in consciousness.

Can you arise in consciousness, transcend to a level where you realize in a very small way how much there is that you do not know? Would you ever say that you could “level off” at some point and not ascend further? Can you really hit a glass ceiling? Perhaps, temporarily, you can reach a plateau that is divinely appropriate for you where you may tarry or wander a while, all the better for your evolvement that you drink of the waters of experience that you may unfold all the better.

Perhaps, temporarily, you must be at a certain level until all of your physical nature is in alignment for the next step. God love’s to have his/her skirts tugged on by us. To do so takes effort on our part, and we have to be in a place of mind where we really mean what our actions convey.

You must be authentic. That means you must be able to say in every moment that you are in connection with that part of the REAL you that urges you onward in your spiritual pursuits; that part of you that would rather serve in the light than do anything else. You have to be willing to be put to the test anytime, anywhere to prove to yourself the courage of your convictions.

Once I was talking to Lucas Firewalker, a delightful man who has such intense focus he can walk across hot coals and bend reinforcing bars with his throat. I did not feel the need to prove myself by walking on coals, I told him. I also told him of changes I had recently made in my relationship, vocation, and financial support in my walk of faith.

“Everything in life,” he told me, “is a Fire-walk.” You know, he’s right. Everything you do, you must do from the center of your being. To do less is to live outside of the center of your knowingness of the divine inspiration that ceaselessly flows through you. It is a never-ending fountain of LOVE. And you will be made to hit the glass ceilings in life so that you can transcend them in consciousness, lifted up through them effortlessly by your commitment to the God within you that empowers you over any obstacle, any transition of the emotions, mentality, physicality, or spirituality.

You will scarce notice the soft evaporation of such ceilings when you are in divine right action. It is as though the mists were clearing in the mountain meadow on a beautiful spring morning, making way for the beauty and the glory of the sun that it may shine on all things.

Mists of the mind are a vaporous thing, at best. Oft times we “think” we know the best of situations, only to find a more elegant answer framed within the gentle folds of the love within us. If we would but feel the rightness of a situation, rather than hammer the rightness into it through sheer thought mentality. It is the union of the heart and the mind in divine focus that renders the thoughts (and the world) tame and governable.

There is not separation between heart and mind. They are two sides of the same coin. It is merely the focus. The next time you feel as though you’ve hit the glass ceiling, understand that you are ready to make a great leap of consciousness. You are fueled by the passionate heart, that knows no bounds to the love that can be expressed. The mind has framed its own limitations in a goodness that enables the physical existence to make way across the face of the Earth, navigating with good proficiency the matters pertaining to the physical plane.

To intercept the Divine inner Self that emanates through you, you need not “think” it into existence, for it already IS. We often are victims of our own minds. A mind that is certainly capable of the most elaborate sophistication can scarce comprehend the magnitude of the feeblest of expressions from the heart. You must not believe your mind to be inferior or in any way deficient. The mind has become accustomed to the third dimension; so much so that it may and often does attempt to explain the whole of creation through its narrow focus on the materiality.

I believe about 90% (if one dare to quantify that which cannot be quantified, though it suffices through the material point of view) of our true reality is in other dimensions and planes of existence. That 90% of our soul aspect is spread across space and time, and that only about 10% (if that) of our functioning consciousness is here on the earth plane at any one time.

I have noticed through my work as a spiritual accelerator and activator that beings will inculcate more of their divine aspects on the higher planes into this one, thus achieving levels of “ascension” into the physical body. I have witnessed “soul merges,” where one is ready to ascend to a higher sphere of transcendence in consciousness. This is as it should be. We were meant to work and to play here, with the Earth mother, gently in her embrace if only for a little while. We were meant to behold each other in brilliance and exuberant expression of the boundless love that we can express.

We are meant to live fully through our senses both physical and non-physical, and to express the beauty and joy we feel inside of us in integrity and Divine focus.

In these times of stringent shaking of the very institutions that framed our early childhoods, we are experiencing paradigm shifts from within. And isn’t that the way it should be? Does not the outer world only reflect what is going on in the inner planes of our awareness?

I’ve said before that this is the year of the spiritual body; a time when all foundational matter that is not positively rooted in centrality to Divine focus will be intensely shaken and crumbled, only that they may be rebuilt again in a better, more elegant way.

Do think it is possible that a glass ceiling could in some ways be a comfortable place to be? Would it not make a convenient excuse for no further spiritual growth because you “couldn’t figure it out?” Do you think there is anyone you know that has bounced for a good long while off the walls of their own self-imposed limitations, only to be released when they were finally either angry enough or resolved enough to trust their feelings; even if begrudgingly so?

Have you seen others trapped within the confines of their own belief systems, convenient (and sometimes willing) prisoners of their own thought processes? How about those who are absolutely unhappy prisoners of their minds, trapped in endless loops of frustration, a seeming journey here on Earth consisting of an infinite series of self-plugging orifices? No way out?

Perhaps that is a good thing. I had a session with a highly successful psychologist in Los Angeles. She told me that a few days after her session that her whole world had shifted, not to her liking. But that is exactly what needed to happen to shatter the glass ceiling she had imposed for herself. She had grown as a beautiful soul as far as her current reality set would take her. The time was now ripe to transcend her current state of experiential reality for a higher realm. And transcend she did, although through a tumultuous process of seeming defeats and wrong turns. And as I write this I know she is ascending in consciousness this very moment, because she has the courage to be divinely yielding to the next level of awareness, though the conscious mind can barely conceive of such a state, and certainly could not do so without benefit of the heart’s trust in the mystery of the Divine in all of us.

And so it is. Look around you and see the changes occurring. They are outward pictures of what is changing within you. Accept your greatness as a being of light rooted in your ability to flow boundless abundant love through you. Know that you have at all times the passionate flame of Life, Love, Light and Wisdom burning brightly within you; enough to pass through any glass ceiling you could ever imagine.

Enough to change the lives of people around you through the strength of your character as a being of Light. Enough Love and Light to allow people to see the real you as you are beginning to see the real you, yourself. You are changing, growing, evolving beings of Divine origin. You cannot be otherwise; it is your birthright.

There is no glass ceiling save for your mind’s attempt to deal with your awareness. It is not a trap; it is a springboard to the next level. It is an opportunity to accelerate yourself into the heart of the Divine. At the point of perception of the limitation you may race ahead of self-imposed though sometimes consciously unknown barriers. Trust in your heart; it will never deny you nor lead you astray. Trust in your feelings, first, no matter the outside circumstances.

I love you with all my heart. May you prosper in the Light of God, and bathe in the unceasing emanations of God’s Love.