How to Find Your Integral Wellness Practitioner

Richard JelusichBlog

Anyone who has read my blogs for a while realizes that there is much more to you and I than a physical presence: that is the essence of Integral Healing (mind-body-spirit).  That is, there is a spiritual part to all our consciousnesses that I call Co-Creative Conscious Collaboration.  

The term means our being is always co-creating (our cognitive self and a higher level of our being, not limited to time or space) the means for us to meet our challenges in life’s journey, and we as a collective human society are only now truly becoming aware that this is, on a subtle level, how integral healing really works.  Believe it or not, this deeper process is ongoing throughout the entire span of our lifetime, always presenting and creating the situations and circumstances that can emancipate us from our issues.

We are “led” by our higher faculties, which are “on” 24/7, whether we are aware of it or not.  It has been said that people who are more awakened in their consciousness are more alert to the lessons of the moment.

Without a recognition of a non-local aspect to our being, we are ignoring an essential, foundational truth of our existence.  That, in essence, is what the integral wellness practitioner is all about: assisting your path in self-empowerment and realizing your true, full potential.

So, to find your integral wellness practitioner, do the following:

Source.  Whether your challenge is specific or vague, look for an integral wellness practitioner who will look for the source of the issue or infirmity.  And make sure that practitioner is demonstrating the type of resolution you are looking for (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual).  The deeper part is the practitioner will be looking for the source of your infirmity, whether it is physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional (or a combination).  Once the source is addressed, you are more fully empowered, knowing the origin and being offered tools by the practitioner to further your self-empowerment.

The Whole Human Being.  The integral wellness practitioner studies in their practice to know these four aspects as archetypes of “The Whole Human Being.”  Looking for your wellness practitioner will include that they will assist you to determine the true source of your challenge and will help you to fully integrate all four archetypes.  The practitioner will have a strong, developed sense and awareness of subtle energy.

An Awakened Practitioner.  This is not so easy, as practitioners vary widely in both their skill sets and conscious awareness of the whole human being.  Yet, you are wise to ask yourself when reading the literature or chatting with the practitioner, how well versed they are in a true understanding of integral healing (mind-body-spirit).  Ask lots of questions!  Trust your inner senses.  Look for compassion and harmlessness in the practitioner.

Intuition!  Trust your intuition!  Do you get a ‘good’ vibe?  What sense do you get when thinking/feeling about the practitioner or engaging in conversation?  Sometimes, just reading references about the practitioner is not enough, no matter how popular they are or how accomplished they are.  If you get a “no,” then it’s no.  If you are new to using your intuition, let go of worry, it is working perfectly!  Trust and faith in your intuition is key.


Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.