Subtle Energy and Integral Health

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Subtle Energy and Integral Health – these are very popular terms in alternative medicine.  It is interesting to me because I view it as mainstream to who and what we really are – multidimensional beings.

It seems, begrudgingly, that the understanding of the reality of subtle energy is that it cannot be measured directly (as it is form of energy beyond time/space related to the human biofield, i.e. chakras).  I say begrudgingly because western medicine is empirically based and slow to accept that there really is a multidimensional reality to our existence.  But that is changing with new research.

Subtle Energy is another term for Energy Medicine and the name itself was, I believe, coined by Dr. William A Tiller professor of materials science and engineering at Stanford University (  Dr. Tiller was featured in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” and has endorsed my book “Eye of the Lotus: Psychology of the Chakras.”

A major contribution of Dr. Tiller’s work has been the creation of “Intention Imprinted Electronic Devices” or IIED’s (now called IHD’s or Intention Host Device).  (Article on Human Intention)  The scope of these devices is wide, but the gist is that a small electronic device can be ‘imprinted’ with intention (generally four people focusing a specific intent on the device) that can produce measurable results.  Refer to the Tiller Foundation for white papers

One very popular scientific experiment was an IHD was imprinted to raise the Ph of water from 7 (neutral) to 8 (more alkaline).  The IHD was placed in a lab next to a beaker of pure water with a Ph of 7 under strict and rigorous scientific conditions.  The results were conclusive; the Ph of the water did rise to a value of 8.  The power and scope of these devices has proliferated to where now you can subscribe to a preprogrammed specific intention, order your own device and have it imprinted with your intentions, and more.

It is definitely time for consciousness-included science!

Evidence-based science is showing that the facilitation through practitioners of subtle energy in Integral Health (mind-body-spirit) at a distance has measurable results.  The published work of Dan Benor, M.D. (https://www.danielbenor.com )  indicates statistical evidence of the utility of “distance healing” where subtle energy (Energy Medicine) practitioners work on people at great distance with measurable results.

An accredited university, the California Institute for Human Science (CIHS) ( in Encinitas, California’s, tagline is “mind-body-spirit.”  It is a graduate school and research institute whose foundational mission is the scientific, philosophical and experiential investigation into subtle energy and the “Whole human being” (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).  The university’s first president and founder was Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, a realized yogi, scientist and philosopher.

CIHS recently hosted a Conference “Neuroscience Needs a Revolution to Understand Consciousness” (August 2023) where fascinating research is revealing the intersection of consciousness, science and how certain theories of consciousness are experimentally testable.  (Click Here for Plenary Sessions).

There are a number of tools to scientifically show results of changes in the subtle energy fields of humans, such as the Gas Discharge Visualization Camera (GDV) that show the chakras in real time.  Treatment has been able to show that chakra functioning improves with exposure to such things as the IHDs and Energy Medicine.   What this means in practical terms is that conditions such as depression, malaise, anxiety and malingering may be significantly improved nearly immediately.  As an example, a client came in presenting with anxiety regarding business success.  The treatment revealed issues with the 3rd chakra, which represents power in the world. After two treatments, she reported confidence that she can sell her product, because she knows it’s valuable and people will seek her out.

Ever so slowly, we are revealing an exciting era where such research is showing what the mystics have been teaching for millennia.  Rigorous scientific research is greatly creating a foundation for the empirically-based mind is able to break the shell of this-worldly five-sense perception thinking towards the transformative vista of greater levels of integral awareness.

Your practitioner in the Subtle Energy (Energy Medicine) field is trained to understand and facilitate health from the higher perspective inclusive of Integral Health (mind-body-spirit).  Their experience of higher levels of subtle energy awareness and consciousness is crucial so that they hold that level in integrity while facilitating their patient’s whole being wellness.

The really important comprehension is the realization that we really are multi-dimensional beings and holistic health, true integral health, must include the spiritual (subtle energy) component!  You are already connected to higher levels of being – your Integral Health practitioner will help to reveal your own self-empowerment and wellness!

Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.