Dr. Richard Jelusich

The Purpose of Spiritual Counseling

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There are so many varieties of healing work available today – like a beautiful garden of every kind of offering to assist us in health, well-being and spiritual unfolding. I’ve seen so many ‘new’ modalities sprout in the over 30 years that I’ve been doing spiritual counseling and healing work: Energy medicine, Energy Psychology, EFT, NLP, Breathwork, various forms of Yoga, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Meditation, Biofield Assessment and many more.

You’ve only to look in your local magazines or online to see the vast offerings and specialties that healers have embraced, like the ever-growing branches of a tree – all fed from the same trunk and roots of wholeness and oneness.

My own journey to the healing arts and offering spiritual counseling/healing began in the late 1980’s with a deep interest in how we, as beings, came to be here in the first place. That led me to spiritualism as a practice and to the chakras as a center point of my studies. That work led to my theory of ‘dominant chakras’ and the flowering of all that that has unfolded since in my books, Integrative Chakra Therapy® healing course that I’ve been teaching for 20 years, and scores of workshops and lectures around the world. My spiritual counseling work is based on the chakras as centers of consciousness that affect the way we perceive reality, that hold the ‘seeds’ of karma, and as they awaken so to does our ability to meet and overcome our challenges.

In these 30 years, I have been spiritually counseling people in person and remotely all over the world. My inner guidance is always about helping the person to empower their own path, and it felt important at this time to write about the purpose of spiritual counseling.

When a person comes to a session for the purpose of spiritual counseling, there is a certain vulnerability that person brings in order to grow; like the tender shoot that is now facing the light of the sun. The spiritual counselor has taken on a tremendous responsibility to always return the power to the person; to never aggrandize, never mislead, never be cavalier and to always be in the highest integrity and confidence.

For example, a woman had a session with me recently who was in an intense romantic relationship with a man who lived in another country. They would see each other for about 2 months at a time, when possible. They appeared to be so powerful together that at times felt too powerful to last. In counseling (I was assessing her and his chakra attributes), I stated that she should use her intuition more, not less, and to be flexible when he did not perceive an outcome the way her intuition revealed to her. After filling in more details about this dynamic between the two of them, a revelation came to her (a huge insight) that she had not realized about their relationship. In this way, she came to a higher realization about herself and about her relationship with the man. She expressed great gratitude. My work is to help her reveal more of her spiritual power to herself. I always record sessions so that this way she could listen again to refresh and reinforce key points.

It is never about the counselor; it is how the counselor can give the person meaningful tools they can use to empower their lives, much like the personal trainer who specifies certain workouts at the gym. Neither too much nor too little.

There is an ‘art form’ in spiritual counseling to watch the mind of the person, and in my specialty of the chakras to observe the strengths and weaknesses of each. That art form is to help guide the person to reveal purity and strengths that they already have. In metaphysics, the person has already determined and made the choice to heal. That leads them to find the most appropriate counselor/healer that most exactly matches their sacred path. Although I realize that most people are not aware that on a higher level they are already in contact with the counselor/healer. I’ve termed it ‘co-creative conscious collaboration’ that you’ve probably read about in some of my previous blogs.

When the person encounters the counselor/healer, it is to understand the choice(s) they have already made. A good counselor/healer understands this dynamic at the level of the soul, and how the soul quality of the person is always seeking to merge more with the waking personality for spiritual growth and healing.

In that art form, the counselor/healer is alert to the higher nature of the person, always working to help them ‘stand on their own two feet’ as a self-realized being. Always helping the person to understand as a spiritual being they do have the power to bring any healing into their life. Always reinforcing and pointing the person to their own inner core of purity and inner focus.

The counselor must selflessly assess the ‘true character’ of the person, never adding any of their own personal desires to the session. In spiritual healing, the counselor acts only as a conduit of light, again never adding any of their own personal desires.

The purpose is always to help the person realize that they are not separate from all love, will and wisdom. That we all live in oneness and that separation is an illusion. That is a reason why I have embraced the science of metaphysics and teach it to my students, so they realize there are serious people studying the truth of our being from a scientific perspective.

And it all points to the truth of our being – we are luminous spirits who also have a physical presence. The true counselor/healer is there to assist your path of merging those two as one.