Dedication to the Path

Richard JelusichBlog

For many years I’ve been teaching that ‘this dimension is not made to make sense’. If you were hearing this for the first time you might wonder if I were making any sense! The context is that we are spirits who also have a physical existence – a way of discussing the mind-body-spirit connection. Although in this instance our ‘spirit’ and our ‘body’ are two sides of the same coin.

And so, if it is true that we really are spiritual beings (not limited to time or space) and do have a physical existence, then our spiritual nature must be at work all the ‘time’. And, that spiritual nature is an even more eloquent expression of our physical nature. To paraphrase Paramahansa Yogananda: “The body is mortal, the spirit is immortal!”

This immortal soul-quality that is you is ever-influencing your life; tapping gently (and sometimes not so gently) on your mind with questions that science alone cannot answer, like “why does the sun shine”, rather than “how”. The spiritual part of our nature is always meandering among our thoughts to pose the essential questions that spark our curiosity about the true nature of our being.

With enough questions we eventually start looking at the various conundrums in our lives (how can you be a spirit and have a body both?) seeking answers that cannot be easily addressed. Example: “How can you live in oneness and yet be a unique being?” It is the spiritual nature of our essence that is leading our mortal lives to situations and occurrences that, should we be attentive, lead us to those interesting answers.

Further, there is the notion that our physical presence (this dimension of time/space) is a quality of the spirit, created and held in physical form by spirit, nurtured by spirit, and energized by spirit. Without the spiritual presence, the body would not exist in physical form. The way I put it, our physical body is held in place by our astral biofield (Chakras, Ida/Pingala, Shushumna).

Dedication to the path begins when you start asking these interesting questions and earnestly seek further answers. The spiritual nature of our selves is constantly guiding us to that path of evolution and higher awareness, though sometimes it may make no sense. And there are many ways the path is revealed to each of us through our spirit nature. There are also many ways that spiritual path can be walked: some ‘get into it’ like wine or cigars (you can get as deeply into those subjects as you want) and some have a simple understanding and acceptance of that path.

The dedication comes when we choose to follow and surrender when our spiritual self makes adjustments or ‘course corrections’ that we see as changes or opportunities in our lives. You can agree, these days, we all have so many ‘opportunities’! That means that as we have the changes occurring, it is our spirit asking us to dedicate more to the path we are on, not less.

As the changes and opportunities occur, our surrendering to our spirit nature is a re-dedication to the spiritual path. A person can re-dedicate many times for a lifetime, making those little course-corrections that keeps them in alignment with their soul-purpose.Emotional wellness

In some spiritual writings, we are asked to ‘surrender to God’ or to ‘give all our problems over to God’. That means you are letting go of your ego and surrendering to your God within. As I said in the beginning, we are both body and spirit, as one; meaning there is no separation. And, you are surrendering to your true spiritual power, although for many of us we do not always see the connection to power in the moment of the difficult choices. Perhaps it is after some time we realize that trusting our intuition, dedicating our self to the path when it ‘did not make sense’ was actually so much the right thing to do!

Each of us is a unique expression of the universe. We’ve heard it said, “You are not in the universe, you are the universe, experiencing itself!” So each of use views the universe through a lens or aperture that is our uniqueness, no less important than anyone else’s uniqueness, as we are one.

How do you know to dedicate yourself to your path? When an opportunity or change presents itself, do you respond in the same manner as you have, or is there a better way? Are you listening to the spirit that you are and following (surrendering) to your true spiritual power?

You can let go of worry – your spiritual nature is on the job 24/7, creating circumstances and situations that are all meant for your inner growth. The more you trust that you really DO have the power to meet your opportunities, the more you surrender to the spiritual power you really have, the more dedicated to your path you will be and the greater the spiritual outcome.