Discerning The Truth

Richard Jelusich Blog

If we are the authors of our own truth, how do we discern what that is for ourselves in a physical world that is also metaphysical?

pondering womanIt is one thing to observe a phenomenon that is rooted in physical reality and make judgements about its veracity, it is another to make judgments from Metaphysical Reality.

How could we tell the difference, if metaphysics cannot be perceived through any of the five senses? Already, we have a problem. If our bridge to understanding can actually only be our feelings that must rely upon something that cannot be quantified in order to explain higher levels of truth, we are dependent upon our own strength and weakness simultaneously. To trust our feelings.

Doing so, trusting our feelings, makes us vulnerable to Absolute Truth but also makes us vulnerable to the vagaries of the mind: that cloudy, ineffable part of our being that avails itself to the meanderings of our beingness.

It is sometimes very difficult to know what that truth is, for we live in our personal truths, separate from Absolute Truth by our illusions. And, we each have our own inner version of the truth that we externalize to the world through our projections to make it match what we

perceive. The difference between truths is the root of our suffering. Our personal truth is an imperfect version of Absolute Truth, but it is also a starting point that we can build upon to reach that place of ultimate truth.

Realizing the you are not separate from what you seek is one of the greatest gifts you could ever bestow upon yourself.

There is one common element that unites us all in the search for truth, and that is the desire to know it for what it is. Desire is rooted in the emotions, that transcendent part of us that does not think but rather yearns from heart. The yearning of the heart passes understanding to that place in our soul, where we dwell in knowingness cannot be explained to the mere physical mind, but can be realized as a state of being.

It is the desire to know the truth and the effort expended that defines the nature of the exposition of our character. And in that desire is the seamless connection to All Things that passes through light and shadow to the place where we dwell in the middle, neither too rational nor too emotional.

It is that quality of desire that gives us the opportunity to grow even when faced with great challenges. It is not the goal in life that defines us, it is the effort we expend through the desires of our heart to live in absolute truth, peacefully, harmlessly.