Aftermath August 21 2017

Richard JelusichBlog

The aftermath.  Anyone who has been paying attention this last week has witnessed some powerful combinations of celestial events:  the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, the new moon and Mercury Retrograde!

For many who follow the spiritual path of self-realization, the very foundation of our identity and basic understandings have been eroding and crumbling.  For others who do not, this has been a most mysterious time!

And yet; this was predicted by ancient cultures – there would be an era of inner transformation that is upon us now.  An opportunity to grow in spiritual ways we cannot imagine, but can tune into through our meditations and spiritual awareness.  Has anyone ever attempted to explain something to you, but you may not have been ready to hear/understand it?

This is the time.  I’ve been talking and lecturing about these changes since 1992!  Most especially the teachings of the Mayan culture of Central America.  Their calendrical system is the only known calendar that states when a certain consciousness would appear in the physical dimension of space/time.  If you are not so versed in the spiritual context of what this means, it may seem quite strange to you that an entire race of people (including other cultures on this planet) had such high states of spiritual development that they knew and could predict this era of expanding inner awareness!

Entropy.  The quality where something will break down or separate into its base parts.  Similar to soda pop with the cap off; over time all the fizz is gone.  That entropy is the breaking down of belief systems in all areas; science, academia, business, government, social systems, etc.

Consider that when your foundation is shaken, it is so that you can set your intention and focus that will affect the next 5 to 10 years of your life!  Especially in North America, the Eclipse has ushered in that energy to help us focus on building anew these next years.

But if you are not versed in any spirituality, cosmology or the knowledge of ancient cultures and their teachings about the evolution of consciousness, this may again seem a great mystery to you!

Think of it as if you are a caterpillar: you know not what so much this chrysalis phase is, nor the butterfly you are evolving towards, but you do know that it is happening!  The difference for you and I is that we realize the spiritual essence of our being is always encouraging us towards revealing the perfection that is already within.   That perfection is ever unfolding, always evolving.

The butterfly is within the caterpillar.  That difference (choosing the spiritual path) is that a huge amount of inner faith in in the process is that the higher state of being is surely revealed!  Both the caterpillar and butterfly are sacred.  FAITH in the path is the key.butterfly transformation

One of my most beloved teachers, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, wrote in one of his books that when you reach a certain level of your spiritual path, you can go no further without totally entrusting yourself to God.  I know today “God” is known by many names.  When Paramahansa Yogananda addressed the many religions of the world, he referred to “Truth” as the ultimate truth of our spiritual being that transcends any religious attempt to frame it.  You are already that Truth.  Always it has existed within you.

We can either completely surrender to that perfection within us that is evolving anyway, or be ‘dragged kicking and screaming into our bliss’.  Can you imagine the Phoenix only partly recreating itself?  It must be completely consumed before it is reborn.

We collectively are in the chrysalis phase in this, the Golden Era of Inner Transformation.  Only by surrendering to the true spiritual power already within us can we progress to divest the fear and doubt that holds us back.

So that is my choice.  What have I been up to?  Especially this last week, surrendering to the crumbling foundation, the entropy, entrusting to the Divine, so that I may effortlessly glide to higher states of realization and strength to be of service.

Benefit to all of us: by doing so, we are much stronger spiritually and our actions and example encourage others to do the same.

In humility, love and compassion,Dr. Richard Jelusich