Taking the Mystery out of Metaphysics

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Taking the Mystery out of Metaphysics (publish June 1, 1999)

This is the first in a series of articles designed to ground the subject of metaphysics into every day practicality. Part 2 “Creating the Healer”

In my line of work, at least 95% of all communication is not verbal or physical, it is energy on some other level. Those levels are there for anyone to discern, though most people the world over are only dimly aware of the presence of such energies. Even at that, subtle energies are mostly misunderstood, mis-aligned, and misinterpreted.
Certainly, the average person would not base their everyday reality on the 95% percent they could neither see, hear, taste, touch, nor smell. Yet, most are willing to take the 5% that they do perceive to relate to all of their environment, to all of their lives. Would you go about your daily affairs, making assumptions on the other 95% you don’t see?
Years ago, astronomers were writing articles about the known universe in terms of what could be seen. They stated that only 10% of the universe was visible to telescopes and optical equipment; the other 90% was “all other dark matter.” Again, would you surmise your reality is based on only 10% of what you can truly see, knowing that there is 90% more matter out there that has some affect on your perception of the universe as it is?
We walk about our lives, comforted by certain assumptions we’ve made regarding our “reality.” But what is real is a very unique and personal decision. You and I tend to base most of our reality on what we see, and on what we hear. From those two senses, we interpret the world, its content and meaning in our lives. And it is on this physical basis that we tend to view Metaphysics. And why shouldn’t we? We are living what I call the “experiential set”; those numbers of years’ experience we have on this planet that shape our perceptions and form our extrapolations of the future. How could we know any differently?
Yet we all have feelings; that part of our nature that transcends the mind and thought, and gives us a direct experience. You’ve all, at one time or another, been in a room with someone you don’t know and had a positive or negative impression of someone, even if nothing was said. Call it a gut feeling, but that is the basis of metaphysics. The smallest feeling is greater than the greatest thought, and it is the feelings that will transcend the mind’s protests that something cannot be and cannot happen.
But your feelings! What grounding do you have there? Fleeting impressions upon the heart; how could you prove to another what you feel? How could you prove it as accurate?
Yet in Metaphysics, it is the foundation upon which we work. The harmonious integration of mind and heart, thought and intuition. Held in the highest integrity, the blending of these two is the most powerful individual tool for transformation and evolution of consciousness.
Those who understand and utilize the knowledge of metaphysics are instantly at risk to lose their grounded, experiential set of the way things are. When embarking upon the pursuit of transcendent experiences, we are always challenged to give up limiting thoughts and perceptions. When we pray for strength, our weakness is amplified so that we ourselves may learn the way through individuated action. When we believe something must occur in a certain way, yet surrendering to our hearts, our feelings, we find that something else has transpired to its unfoldment that was far better orchestrated than we could imagine.
So hard to release into your feelings, but it is there that truth dwells and destroys the illusions of the mind. You must trust what you feel.
So often, some of those who practice intuitive arts in Metaphysics are given credence for their information; not because they’re right, but because they cannot be proven wrong. Often as well. those who come for readings surrender their power to the reader, assuming they must be right. No one can know you better than you know yourself. Your reading is meant to spark your own inner strength, your self-empowerment and integrity.
It is the very release into the oneness of all things, the true nature that all things are connected, that gives any reader their power to discern truth. Yet, some of us have seen information coming forth, whether channeled or not, that does not stand in integrity nor is it useful information. In fact, it is quite damaging because of the fragile, vulnerable nature of some who come for guidance and healing. Some are willing to accept the information as is with no inner verification.
Metaphysics is real, whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not. In my studies for my Ph.D., I’ve researched scientific devices that actually measure the potency of the meridians that carry the Chi in the body, and there are devices that measure the units of light, or “photons”, that are emitted from the chakra centers in the body.sittingwchakras
That Metaphysics in the form of subtle energies exists has been proven by science for over 30 years, and mystics have known of it for thousands of years. What makes Metaphysics real and powerful is your experience of it. Competent energy workers and intuitives are working with you to help you see your power, not so you’ll continue to come back to them for repeated sessions.
Once, on a radio talk show, I told the host and listeners that I hoped I would work myself out of a job. My wish is for everyone to become so powerful and enlightened that there is no need for readings or healings. Imagine how your life would be with practical Metaphysics guiding your footsteps through your challenges.
You must be absolutely confident and humble in the same moment. No one’s path is greater than yours; no one’s mission in life is any greater than yours. Anything else is an illusion.
To take the mystery out of metaphysics is to trust what you cannot see and what you cannot hear, but that which speaks to you from within your heart with yearnings that cannot be uttered. That is your unseverable connection to the Oneness.
Taken in stride, many people have great difficulty getting there from here in Metaphysics. So easy to believe something you can see, but not so easy when it is unseen and unheard; spoken on a higher level of being.
When I do a Flower Reading, I often include information that is of a physical nature for the person, such as birth marks from past-life events, or current health challenges, aches and pains. The premise of a Flower Reading is that I do not know who has brought which flower. We sit in a group, the basket of flowers is brought to me to read and heal. Since I do not know who I am reading for, I have no bias to interfere with the real information. The reason I add so much physical information is that it’s easily verifiable. That way, when I speak of emotional, mental or spiritual issues the individual will have more confidence that the information is just as real, even though not tangible. One who has this experience surely must reevaluate how I would know such information when reading the flowers blindly.Flower ReadingOf course, the reason is to show that we do live in a Oneness, that there really is 95% of all communication that is not verbal nor physical. That we communicate, whether in a theater, restaurant, or elevator. And it is this very subtle energy information that we communicate on all levels that helps us to make the relationships we have in live. We send out this invisible information like a light bulb, radiating outward 24 hours a day. And through the laws of Metaphysics, we enter into relationships with one another to work on our life’s issues.
The more you know of Metaphysics, the more you’ll come “home” to the knowledge that you are not separate from your power, integrity, wisdom or love.