Facing the Sunrise

Richard JelusichBlog

We live in an age surrounded by a cacophony of swirling changes and rapid developments: politics, health, conflicts, social changes, climate, environment, the merging of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) into every aspect of our lives, and so on.  And such rapid changes can be most unsettling and distracting.

Although social media has brought about the possibility of every person being their own reporter on the goings on in the world and casting those thoughts to the global community, there is a dark side to social media that would control what information is available.

We have the ability to broadcast our unique views widely over the internet, and with that comes a strong measure of personal accountability for our actions.  With knowledge comes responsibility.  How to choose what to believe in when there is so much going on simultaneously?

It can be easy to become distracted from our own personal life goals and the maintenance of our wellness.  In the instance of integral health, wellness means mind-body-spirit.  Such distractions are not just that only, but they divert us from an inner focus to continue to realize our life’s potential.

Facing the sunrise is a way of saying keep the focus on your inner light, your inner wellbeing and remain flexible to life’s challenges.  Another way to put it is “Inner Focus, Outer Flexibility.”   Think of the sunrise.  You are facing east, knowing the sun will shine as it does with equal regularity.  Facing the sunrise is analogous to facing your inner power, that of self-empowerment.  We are living in an age where we cannot afford to do otherwise.

My father was an amazing man with many sayings:  One of them was “Everything has a way of working out.  It always does.”  That rising sun is the ever-evolving nature of our being, triumphant within all the swirling changes; rock-steady in our own personal inventory of character and skills.  It is in our nature to rise in personal power, facing the sun.

And it is in the power of our will to make better choices.  So many teachers speak of the past being in the past and let not it affect the current situation.  Rather, make good choices, good responses to life’s exigencies.

I believe everyone is here for a specific purpose: for a meaningful and relevant life of abundance and happiness.  Focusing on our inner peace and happiness does require the power of the will and the support of our loved ones.  The rise of yoga philosophy and practice, of meditation and many wellness-encouraging avenues have presented us with powerful ways to inner focus, allowing us to more easily be flexible to life’s needs.

The beauty of this, like the sun, is that it is always there.  Always there within you.

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) wrote: “Quitting smoking is easy.  I’ve done it many times!”  Though this may seem humorous, it is also about our ability to always make good choices, no matter how many times we have chosen before.  That’s the sunrise.  That’s inner focus.

I think life is not so much about goals, which are important.  I think life is more about the development of our character and the evolution of our continuing wellness, embodying the principles of integral health.  Mind.  Body.  Spirit.  All are necessary for a meaningful and productive life, full of abundance and happiness.


Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.