The Power of Subtle Energy

Richard JelusichBlog

We are living in a wonderous age of discovery.  Science is validating what mystics and yogis have been saying about the true nature of our being: that we are spirit and physical simultaneously.  There is merit in being skeptical, and science must pursue the truth to what ever result it may lead.

The greatest problem in establishing the truth of subtle energy is that it does exist, but beyond the grasp of space and time.  Rightfully, many put on the brakes right there.  However, there is much evidence-based research that shows the efficacy and reality of subtle energy.

Subtle Energy is a term synonymous with Energy Medicine, but because it is associated with a type of energy that is not related to space or time, it has been difficult to grasp its meaning or its potency.  The accredited university California Institute for Human Science (CIHS), is a graduate school and scientific research institute investigating subtle energy and the human biofield, also located in Encinitas.

Devices, such as the AMI (Apparatus for Meridian identification [CIHS]), the Biofield Viewer the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV with Psytek on CIHS campus) are current research tools to investigate subtle energy and the human biofield.

Acupuncture, as you know, has been in existence for thousands of years, using needles and pressure techniques to access the subtle energy system of the body.  A group of western physicians visited China in the 1980’s to work with doctors there to understand acupuncture.  The western doctors asked “how” acupuncture works.  The eastern doctors responded:  “We don’t know how it works; we know THAT it works!”  This is a fundamental difference in the philosophy of eastern and western cultures.  Eastern cultures look at reality from a “top down” perspective (from the non-physical affecting the physical).  Western philosophy looks at reality from the “bottom up” perspective (staring with a cell culture, an xray, smallest atomic structure, etc.) 

This is has been why our western culture has been so slow to understand the reality of subtle energy.  Researchers doing studies in Energy Medicine such as the seminal work of Dr. Dan Benor has showed the effects of energy medicine whether working in person or at great distances.

There is an advantage to working in Encinitas, California.  This area seems to draw more practitioners of alternative integral (mind-body-spirit) holistic healing than anywhere else in San Diego County.  When Michelle and I were researching the zip code of Encinitas (92024), we found 111 wellness centers, and that is where we are located!

Going out on a ledge here, our Earth has “ley lines” (like the meridians of acupuncture) of subtle energy that circle the planet.  Where they cross forms vortexes like Sedona, Arizona, and countless places over the globe.  There is a major ley line that crosses, from southeast to northwest through Encinitas.  Dowsers and people who study Geomancy (study of Earth’s ley lines and vortexes) know this.  This powerful ley line, whether in Encinitas or elsewhere, attracts healers and spiritual seekers.  

Praying, meditating, spiritual practices, yoga along powerful ley lines and vortexes do induce a transformation of consciousness and a higher state of inner realization.

That is why CIHS, the Self Realization Fellowship center, wellness centers and a myriad of subtle energy practitioners are located in Encinitas.  That is what drew me here in 1992 and why we established our healing center here.

There are many instances from our practitioners at Bamboo Garden Wellness Center and Light News Institute where clients report powerful healing results.  Our growing Google Reviews are demonstrating the powerful possibilities of accessing “the whole human being.”

And this is just scratching the surface!  Science and our inner growth are continuously revealing more orf the nature of our true being, very much like an eternally blooming flower!

Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.