FAITH – A Few Words

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Faith and Intuition – I have been steeped in the world of spirit and metaphysics since the late 1980’s, and continuously throughout all those years have been reminded of the necessity for both faith and intuition.

We have intuition; it is ‘on’ 24/7 because of the existence of our subtle energy body (our ‘higher self’ that is not limited to time or space). That in itself, the existence of the subtle energy body of ‘biofield’ (some still say ‘aura’) has caused many a practical thinker to put on the brakes when entertaining the notion of such an energy body of you and me. That ‘non-local’ quality of the subtle energy body is the all-connecting phenomena of our being and science has been steadily and increasingly proving its existence.

This is no longer ‘smoke and mirrors’. The skeptics in the room are uneasy and shifting in their seats because now we must all sit up and take notice of this truth. While we may speak of it delicately in the world of science and polite company for fear of ridicule and reduced funding, the truth of the existence of the subtle energy body as unique is gaining momentum. As we say, ‘we are living in the age of truth revealed’. What do you suppose would happen to a world of 7+ billion people if we all realized our intuition indeed is real and a powerful tool for discerning truth and inner flawless direction?

Yes, we have intuition. We may not be using it, aware of it, afraid of it but it exists as inseparable truth of our beingness and connectedness to all creation.

Enter FAITH. We don’t always have faith, we must employ faith as one uses a muscle. Faith only works when it is in action! The type of faith I’m speaking of is using that muscle with respect to our always-on intuition. The muscle of FAITH in use increases the muscles of INTUITION!

So, the big question: how do you know employing faith trusting your intuition that the sense perception is accurate? I have taught in Integrative Chakra Therapy® (ICT) for many years that the higher sense perceptions (intuition in its different forms ) do not work in the same way as the five physical senses, and thus can appear as confusing to the practical mind. And, the higher sense perceptions see things as they are, not as they appear to be!

In other words, the more you employ your faith to trust your already-functioning intuition, the more you begin to see things as they are, beyond the illusions of everyday life. This is spiritual growth, and having a spiritual framework as prayer, meditation, spiritual practices is fundamentally stimulating your seven chakras to awaken. The more you work in this way (safely and progressively) the more ‘awakened’ to your own inner higher sense perceptions you become.

Again, think of faith as a muscle. When in demand, employing the muscle of faith responds in a similar way your physical muscles respond when you are safely and sensibly working out at the gym. Over time, your muscles are not just stronger to the demand asked of them, they are also toned to a certain suppleness, adding to your overall health and well-being. The more you work out, the stronger and more toned you will be.

So, it is with Faith. In the world of spirituality and metaphysics, it is almost impossible to grow in higher states of consciousness and awareness without faith. Prayer, meditation and yoga without faith will not yield transcendent experiences of high states of awareness. And awareness is not academic, intellectual or experiential knowledge. It is awakening to higher realms of consciousness not limited to time or space. You and I are already in oneness, yet perhaps not so many of use are aware that such oneness exists because we are so overwhelmed with matters of the physical (prakriti) world.

Faith is the will to trust that your intuition is working flawlessly
Faith is trusting with your heart what your mind cannot yet know

FAITH – if you really want to perceive the mysteries of this universe, you must exercise and trust your intuition through fearless faith. As I mentioned, having a structure like prayer, meditation and spiritual practices helps you build those muscles in a progressive, safe manner. The tree, given what it requires, will fruit when it is ready.

With the power of faith in your intuition, so also will you bear the fruit of higher states of awareness that will cause you to abandon limiting beliefs and free you to higher states of being.

  1. Intuition expresses itself in different forms. Some forms are clairvoyance; the ability to psychically ‘see’ anything, anywhere whether physical or not and appears as a visual to the mind. Clairaudience, the ability to psychically ‘hear’ e.g. hear what one is thinking and appears as ‘sound’ in the mind. Clairsentience, the ability to ‘know that which cannot be known’; that is, a psychic knowledge beyond the life experience of the person. There are many more forms intuition may take.