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When I first found out about flower readings, it was late 1991 and I was a student spiritualist minister. In spiritualism, you must demonstrate the power of your intuition and healing abilities. Early in 1992, I had the opportunity to do flower readings for a large group of people. Each reading was only a couple minutes.

The thing that made flower readings was so amazing is that I didn’t know who I was reading for! Yes, we asked people to bring a single flower with them, one that only they had held and asked them to place each flower on a table. The flowers all had ribbons attached, a simple way for the owner know that it was theirs.

That first night my sponsor and I ‘read’ 40 flowers! And I thought, “This is a great way to help people understand that spirit is real” because of anonymity – I had no idea who I was reading for. I would pick up a flower, close my eyes and give a ‘reading’ on what I felt was the most important information for that person that would empower them. Imagine the power of someone revealing those traits that would help empower your life through the setting of flower readings!

I was really ON to something! The power of anonymity, not knowing whom I was reading for made the flower reading so powerful because the information was so accurate. We would, after reading just a couple minutes, open our eyes and offer the flower to the person who brought it, if they wished to be identified with the flower, or not.

Why is it so powerful? The metaphysics of the human being (and reality) is so difficult to teach. How do you show someone that they truly do have a spiritual nature, that is not limited to space or time? Over the 26 years now that I’ve been doing flower readings, I have found this to be the most powerful, most compelling way to help people understand the truth of spirituality. And the cool thing is, it is not to teach that I’M intuitive; it is to teach that we ALL are. That indeed we are all connected to all things at all times. And beyond that, ONE with all things. (I am stopping the use of ‘connection’ so much because it implies there are two or more things, when there is only ONENESS)

You’d be amazed at what people would bring to flower readings: plastic flowers, giant flowers, printouts of flowers, pot, cactus. One time, a person brought a one-pound bag of ‘flour’ to a ‘flower’ reading!
And since 1992, I’ve done 10’s of thousands of flower readings in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan! I’ve held flower reading sessions by SKYPE, where all I’m looking at is a video of flowers on a table, with no visual of the attendees at all!

Initially, my flower reading groups numbered 14 in an evening. Now it is 10 or less. My flower readings always include empowering information and healing work, as I’ve been doing subtle energy healing since 1992, now called Integrative Chakra Therapy®. I always record my readings for the people that attend so they may be able to listen again – usually listening often to a flower reading offers more in-depth information and recreates the healing work as well, through a law in metaphysics called “representation through relationship”. Also, interesting facets occur in a flower reading; revealing past lives and karma in their home country and other countries, life as another race of human, birthmarks, mannerisms and much more.

I remember doing flower readings in Germany (always interesting in foreign countries because you offer the flower reading through translators!). Remember, I don’t know who I’m reading for. This married couple attended. She, a German citizen and her husband and Israeli businessman who traveled back and forth between Germany and Israel. He only attended because his wife did – he had no mind for this hocus pocus! I told him he had a triangular birthmark at the base of the back of his head, still in the hairline, that was once a triangular tattoo from a monastic order he was a member of, hundreds of years ago in Germany. His wife could not wait until the end of the evening. When the flower readings were all concluded, she jumped out of her chair and looked at the skin under the hair at the base of his head, and the triangular birthmark was there. That man now fully embraces the spiritual nature of the human being. Also imagine: on some level of his being, he ‘showed up” at a time when someone like myself would help to open his eyes to a higher state of awareness.

Why have a flower reading? They are empowering and healing and reveal important information about the nature of your character in this lifetime. So often a ‘group’ of people that have a shared karma will host a flower reading in their home, or come together in one of my workshops, either in person or by SKYPE and so much mutual information is revealed that helps that group to understand why they are in each other’s lives.

springIn the last couple years ‘remote’ flower readings have really taken off. People who could not travel to where I would be would schedule a SKYPE flower reading as I had described above. I’m sure ‘flower readings’ are nothing new in the world of spirituality. I surely do enjoy holding them and have no plans to stop anytime soon!