Keeping Focus in the River of Consciousness

Richard JelusichBlog

Great spiritual teachers speak of the river of consciousness. I believe it was Vivekananda (1863 – 1902) who spoke of  ‘Lay back in the river of consciousness. Cease your struggles!’ And I think that is so fitting in these times when all around us appears to be accelerating.

The Hopi indigenous peoples speak of how in this time that river is moving very swiftly. Most of you may find yourself in the swiftest part of the river’s flow, while you may observe others in slower parts of the river, and still others who may be standing on the banks. I have found these teachings to be of tremendous help when it appears that life is evolving and changing around us so very rapidly.

Perhaps you are finding yourself in that swiftest part of the river of consciousness; moving along at what might appear a perilous pace but moving so quickly nonetheless!

Other cultures speak of this ‘swiftness’ of consciousness, as well. The Mayan peoples spoke and wrote in their codex’s and stelae about the ‘swiftness’ of consciousness of this time. The 9 underworld Mayan calendrical system not only indicates when a certain consciousness would show up in the world of space/time, but also goes back over 16 billion years! Each calendar, when active, is much shorter than the last by a factor of 20 but also that much faster!! Each shorter calendar starts while the preceding calendars are still running. I liken it to a rubber ball. Drop it and in each bounce, there is less distance and less time between bounces. That means that there is less time between major events in our world, and each event appears to accelerate in its intensity, occurring much more quickly!

Knowing that spiritual teachers and cultures had teachings that you and I are now studying, we realize that these events of consciousness are actually happening! How did such wisdom come forth, that we now may benefit? And how do we keep our focus in this river of consciousness.

Metaphysics 101 teaches us that ‘there is no space and time’, yet here we are in this dimension, measuring both space and time. It is quite the conundrum, and where many who aspire to a spiritual awakening put on the brakes because it makes no sense. Yes, it makes no linear sense, yet still is true. Ancient cultures had achieved a high level of spiritual awareness. So high, in fact, they achieved what I call “unity consciousness” or “waveform consciousness”. They knew, where and when in space/time there would be propitious (advantageous) times to incarnate where we could, with effort, evolve ourselves further and faster than in the last 26,000 years.

One of my main teachers, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, in his book “Awakening the Chakras and Emancipation” wrote that if one aspires to a spiritual life, instead of taking a few million years of incarnations you could cut it down to only a few thousand!

Takes a little of the fun out of it, doesn’t it, when you think how many lifetimes it may take to be enlightened?

So, how do we keep our focus in this swift moving river of consciousness? Especially since you are reading this you’re probably nodding your head about the rapidity of life and changes!

First, think about the water supporting you. If the river is moving very swiftly, and you are floating along, do you feel the movement of the water? No. You do not. You would only feel it if you moved against it. Think: it is better to let the water (consciousness) move you than for you to move the water. That is, when you surrender to your deepest states of meditation, you overcome the resistance of thought and thinking. You enter the intuition, the superconscious states of being where you see things as they are, not as they appear to be. The Buddhists put it this way: “God chooses you. You don’t choose God.” Focus comes through ceasing your struggles and allowing the movement to be at the pace that best supports your spiritual growth.

Second, surrendering to the swiftness (where you are supposed to be!) of the current of consciousness allows you the opportunity to grow spiritually very quickly. Understanding is not a prerequisite for cooperation. Surrendering to your spiritual power is not so logical as it is the deepest empathy for your higher, spiritual nature and its unfolding – or how well you allow the merging of your physical and non-physical nature. Focus comes intuitively, then intellectually.

Third, flowing along in the swift part of the current is where you may have the best focus! You may not understand the rapidity by which events are moving and unfolding, but you can be completely at rest within yourself by choosing to do so. Within your being is a quiet, tranquil place beyond the troubling reach of your thoughts. This is a state of being, or better yet of awareness. Focus comes through higher states of awareness to see things as they are, not as they appear to be.

Allow yourself to be in that flow, the unceasing ever-evolving flow of consciousness that you came to experience. And allow yourself, through love, to BE that focus and aspire to your greatest spiritual potential in this life, where the river of consciousness flows so swiftly.