January is Get a Balanced Life Month

Richard JelusichBlog

With our recent blog on New Year Wellness and making conscious decisions for integral (mind-body-spirit) health, this month is devoted to acting upon a balanced life.  It is one thing to make a list of New Year’s intentions, and another to act upon them.  It is better to fully act on just a few of the most important resolutions than to spread too thinly among many!

As wellness is a holistic, integral state, it includes not just physical health, but that of the mind, emotions and the spiritual nature of our being.  That spiritual nature, in its essence, is what makes everything else come into perfect point of balance.  Persistence, as noted in the recent blog, is more important as it is the application of intention.  Better to persist as best you can, than to let things slide for another year.

Our world today is the same as it has been for thousands of years, but our civilization has come further in the past sixty years than in the past six hundred!  With the rise of the information age, artificial intelligence, social media and more, there are many, many more distractions that can overload and overwhelm us.

Many of us are in a culture of over-work, less rest, not great diets and not enough time for inner reflection.  Think about information overload: in the 1970’s television news would show the anchor and a still image in the background, with possibly some text under it.

Today, that broadcast will have live video in the background and TWO continuously scrolling lines of text!  Without being grounded, it is easy to get caught up in the cacophony of information and the myriad of events and circumstances unfolding.  It seems as though everything is unfolding even more rapidly.

Have you looked at a tree lately?  It is growing in accordance to the nature it is in: warm/cold, rain/arid, and so on.  That tree is living today as it was yesterday, with nature.

In order for you and I to actively, intentionally live a more balanced life, is to realize nature is unchanged: it is we who feel the increasing momentum of the speed of our lives.  You can change that in an instant . Schedule in small breaks to do or experience things that are relaxing to you.

I’ve always spoken and written about self-empowerment as that is truly the only way you can be of service in this world to others is be being strong yourself first.  And I say that from a spiritual wholistic perspective.  Albert Einstein said: “Only a life lived in service to others is worth living.”  Therefore, make focused decisions on where and how you are living life.  Make time to nourish, give attention to and balance all three aspects: mind-body-spirit, as well as emotional well-being. 

There are many teachers who emphasize “forget the past!”, “forget the future!”  “Pay attention to the moment; it is the only place you truly have power, and that power is to make informed decisions to balance your life.  Higher levels of awareness afford you higher levels of perspective and perception to make great decisions, balancing your life.

E-mail [email protected] for exercises and techniques to help you achieve perfect balance.  Once your inner house is in order, everything else falls into place.


Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.