Embrace Your Uniqueness

Richard JelusichBlog

Life is fascinating.  Contemporary quantum physics reveals we live in oneness with no separation – a nonduality – but because we are incarnated in a physical dimension, we believe there is such separation.  Yet, we are unique expressions of the Divine.  Very much like a wave of attention on a sea of consciousness.  The wave is made up entirely of ocean but is distinct within it.  Once reaching the shore, the wave of our being is absorbed into the wholeness of the ocean.

Our linear minds have difficulty as to how this can be, that we are oneness and unique.  But as we persist in our own inner development there arises an awareness of this truth of our being – a level of comprehension we will all eventually consciously express.

Imagine an orchard of fruit trees.  You are one fruit tree of many, but you are unique to all the different types of fruit.  Your purpose is not only to bear your unique fruits but to have them plucked and enjoyed as well.  Though there are many types of fruit, yours is unique to you and in order to fruit you need air, water, earth and sun (the four elements). 

The uniqueness of your being, when given the appropriate measures of these elements, allows you not only to bear your unique gifts (fruits) and to have them plucked (enjoyed by all creation), but also allows you to be in a continual cycle (like the seasons) again and again bearing the beautiful, nourishing fruits of your individual labors.  For some, it means creating musical compositions, for others, grand architecture and others, new scientific discoveries.  No matter what, our purpose is to bring these fruits to their fullness.

We do tend to compare ourselves to others, but there is only one you.  By encouraging the inner passions that make you come alive, the fruits of these labors are seen, heard and felt.  There can be many obstacles but there is much value in persistence to reveal your uniqueness.

Spiritual teachers speak on how important it is to follow your inner passion, to embrace your uniqueness and fully be that particular type of fruit that you are in this lifetime.  In spiritual matters, the only way you can truly help others is to continue to evolve yourself in mind-body-spirit.  That quality of your uniqueness affects the entire constellation of your relationships, and beyond.

You are seamlessly connected to all life, everywhere.  Science is continually showing the nonduality of our nature.  Yet the only way you can truly know the depth of your own particular gifts is to embrace the truth of your nature.

That is, science can tell you much about an orange, its color, acidity, chemicals but it cannot tell you what it tastes like.  It is for you to have that inner revelatory experience that awakens even more specifically that which you came here to do in this lifetime.  That is the nature of our being; only we ourselves can walk through the doorway to higher levels of awareness.

Look around you and you will see many types of fruit in the orchard; each expressing its uniqueness to the world.  As you seek to continue to unfold your uniqueness like a beautiful ever blooming flower, that quality you exude helps others to further express their uniqueness as well.

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Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.