Lisa Steels, Kundalini Yoga Retreat, Costa Rica 2015

Journey Into Heart Consciousness – Costa Rica: Kundalini and Chakras Yoga Retreat

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Do you wish to live in peace from the wisdom of your heart? Are you wanting to improve awareness of your intuition? Discover your healing capacity and intuitive potential with Dr. Jelusich, as you explore the chakras, learn about past life retrievals and embrace guided meditations.beachmeditation_new

Awaken with sounds of tropical birds and monkeys, for early morning yoga. Experience the most powerful time of the day, by restoring your mind and body. Lisa and Cécile will focus on the use of Kundalini Yoga for health, enabling you to understand the process of self healing and living from your highest potential, with heart consciousness.

If you want to gain access to the ancient wisdom of Kundalini yoga and your innate knowledge, known as intuition, join us for this journey. Through the practices of Kundalini Yoga and sacred sound meditations you will gain access to the subtle energy of the body. Balancing the bodily systems will create purity of mind and physical body to access your higher self.

Included in Retreat Value:
  classic-double-blue-spirit   Self-awareness
7 yoga practices to assist in self-healing
7 guided meditations for the evening
3 workshops
closing fire ceremony
Gain an understanding of mantras and their benefits
Gain experience with various breathing techniques
Enhanced access to intuition
Improved function of the body systems
Repair of the subtle energy system with guided meditations
Experience sound healing
Insight into past life regression and how that can assist us in this lifetime

amenities - foodRetreat Overview:
Benefits of the Blue Zone in Costa Rica
3 gourmet vegetarian meals
7 nights in the spectacular accommodations of Blue Spirit
ocean front access
Salt water infinity pool
Café & gift store
WIFI in the main lodge

Additional Adventures Available at the retreat centre including: surf lessons, paddle boarding, spa treatments, horse back riding, zip-lining, waterfall hike

Prices include: 7 nights accomodation at Blue Spirit, all teachings & practices, as well as 3 gourmet vegetarian meals starting at $2000 USD.

To register and gain more detailed information please visit the website Or call Lisa at 403-763-8378.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you!