Mind Reset

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Is it time for a mind reset?  Time to get out the mental floss, clean out the dross, upgrade your perceptions and perspectives and expand to greater vistas!

Our responses and reactions in life are shaped by our perceptions, perspectives and learned experiences.  And sometimes we are so conditioned by our environment that often we don’t realize we need to take command of the situation, pause a moment, and be open to much better alternatives to higher, further awareness and self-empowerment.

And sometimes our focus can be narrow to the point where it excludes optimal choices that could expand to better choices, and would broaden our awareness and provide a greater overall view.  We can very much get caught up in our habits and be limited to options that would improve our choices and actions.

Like situational awareness, the greater our ability perceive things as they are, to pause and take control of our reactions or responses, the more we can change the energy where we remain in our truth, power and authenticity.  And by doing so, that energy can offer others the possibility to do the same.

How can you do a reset?  One way is called a “pattern interrupt” where you catch yourself mentally or emotionally in a negative state.  The position is that you are watching your own mind from a distance; what some teachers call “objectifying the mind,” because you are not your thoughts.   You think your thoughts; you issue them forth but  you are not your thoughts!  But because of habits and learned experiences we can often succumb to those same old thoughts!

In practice, when something negative or upsetting (or pretty much anything) is occurring, instantly place your mind towards a very pleasant event in your life and dwell on it for a few moments.  Even if it’s just a moment, what you’ve actually done is shift the energy of that thought or emotion and broken its trend!

Get out of the Pool Exercise!  Here’s an example, one of many.  Imagine it is a warm day and you are walking by a swimming pool in your street clothes.  You accidentally fall into the shallow end of the pool, unharmed.  What is true?  First, you are soaked!  Second, you would then get out of the pool and put on dry street clothes.

Here is how the pattern interrupt works in the above exercise.  Imagine you are at work and your boss decides to yell at you for something.  While berating you, you say “Excuse me, I must go to the restroom.”  You excuse yourself, go to the restroom and there imagine one of the most beautiful events of your life: a lovely meadow, holding your child, etc.

What you just did.  Telling your boss you are going to the restroom just changed the energy, a pattern interrupt, you just got out of the pool.  When you were in the restroom recalling to mind something beautiful and lovely, you just substituted one energy for another, more pleasing and centering (putting on dry street clothes).

While this exercise does not literally require pools or work environment or physically going to a restroom, you get the point.  It can be done anywhere, anytime with the power of your mind to make conscious awareness decisions before you respond or react to any given situation.

This is a form of self-empowerment where you are consciously exercising your will to be aware of the power of choice.  The more you exercise your will in this way, the freer you become.

Try “Get Out of the Pool” pattern interrupt and feel the power of resetting your mind!  Every moment offers you an opportunity to make a great decision.

How will you empower yourself in the moments to come?

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Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.