Our Connections to Life

Richard JelusichBlog

We think of our connectedness to each other on many levels; intimate, social, familial, parental, work and so on.  Those connections do exist on many levels of course and are thought to be mostly physical and emotional.  The same can be said for connectedness to all things, not just each other but to nature, our planet – – – all creation.

In my spiritual work and consultations/research over 30 years, I have found there are five kingdoms on Earth (not including the Earth itself): mineral, plant, animal, deva, and human.  (There are many other forms of beingness, but I’m focusing here on these five kingdoms and Earth)

The kingdoms are living beings (yes the mineral).  The least understood is the deva kingdom.  This is the realm of nature spirits (spirit of the water, the wind, the mountain, etc.).  A subset of which you might be more familiar are the fairies, gnomes, brownies, pixies, sprites, aluxes, leprechauns and more!  I realize that some of this information may be new to you, but in my work these beings are very real and supported by countless spiritual teachers.

We are realizing more and more, through science and metaphysics, that our connectedness to all things, each other, the five kingdoms and Earth is very real.  In my parlance, 95% percent of all communication is not verbal nor physical, but energy.  In fact, we intuitively relate to each other and to our environment long before the mind thinks a single thought.  Though mostly unaware of these myriad connections, they exist, nonetheless.  I’ve given many lectures on the existence of the deva kingdom and examples of how nature spirits work, even to the extent that there are governing nature spirits where you live and everywhere on our Earth.

Does this open a deeper sense of your existing connectedness, just for now focusing on the constellation of the relationships to the people in your life?  If that 95% is an idea of who we really are (a soul with a physical existence simultaneously) can you imagine the positive effect you can have on those relationships by continuing to raise the health of your mind-body-spirit?

What about cultivating a higher awareness of your connectedness to the five kingdoms and Earth?  Earth is called “Mother Earth” for a reason: all the atoms and molecules in your body somehow came from our Mother Earth.  Those 100 trillion or so cells in your body are constantly interacting with all these levels.

There is a term called “biological oscillation” which I will explain more fully in another blog.  Put simply, it is two consciousnesses working together to conserve energy.  An excellent example is the hummingbird and the flower.  How is it that the beak of the bird (animal kingdom) fits precisely the flower (plant kingdom) so they mutually benefit?  It is the same for you and your environment; all creation working together.

There is an unlimited reservoir of power within us that is beyond the grasp of space and time.  This can be very difficult to understand, and science is working very hard showing what mystics have been telling us for millennia.  Our intuitive faculties are always on 24/7, though not cultivated in most.  Embracing a deeper, holistic understanding of your connectedness is tremendously self-empowering!

The benefits of yoga philosophy and practice, meditation and prayer yield deeper revelations of this inner power, and a greater understanding of your connectedness in all your relationships.  Seek qualified teachers and sources that inspire and empower you to greater versions of yourself!


Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.