Biological Oscillation

Richard JelusichBlog

How is it that the hummingbird’s beak, drawing nectar from a flower, perfectly fits the shape of the flower?  How is it that these two beings (one from the animal kingdom and one from the plant kingdom) work together for each’s benefit?

Did you wonder how nature brings together all forms of life to collaboratively interact with each other?  Are we human beings working together with nature and each other collaboratively?  And what do we mean when we speak of “nature?”

In a recent Blog “Our Connections to Life,” I spoke of how we are an integral part of all creation: that there really is no separation.  All nature is in some way working together in a form of resonance.

The term “Biological Oscillation” refers to how two consciousnesses work together to conserve energy.  I know this may sound very strange at first, but if you carefully observe your environment, you can discern this working together of consciousness on many levels. 

There are five kingdoms on Earth: mineral, plant, animal, deva and human. The least understood and vital kingdom is the deva: spirit of the water, the air, the mountain and so forth.  All kingdoms of life are working together.  We are constantly interacting on a subtle level with all of these kingdoms, yet are mostly unaware of the sublime interactions energetically, vibrationally and collaboratively.

Masaru Emoto, in his book Hidden Messages in Water said (I’m paraphrasing): “We are in perfect health when we are in harmonic resonance with Mother Earth.”  We tend to form to our environment, and it forms to us.  The air you’re breathing right now (about 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen) is just right for your bio-body suit and yet is perfect for you to breathe, function and think. 

Think of the wing of the bird forming to the air through which it flies: the fin of the fish through which it flies through the water, and so on.

There may be elements of nature that we say are inhospitable, say the saguaro cactus in the southwest desert of the United States.  One might say that is a hostile environment to you and me.  Yet these cacti live over 200 years in the desert because they have formed to the deva kingdom (the spirit of the land) collaboratively; consciousnesses working together.

We are collectively coming to a greater awareness of the connectedness of all things, that subtle (beyond physical) energy exists, and that we have a multidimensional nature.  As we grow in appreciation for these sublime interactions, we are reminded of a much larger, eloquent reality of our being.

It is in our interest to grow in appreciation and gratitude to be in harmonic resonance with all of these kingdoms.  As human beings, we have the free will to choose to be in opposition to all nature or to work with it.

Our increasing focus on integral health (mind-body-spirit) reminds us of our sacred interconnections with all life and there is much more to our existence than just the physical.

How will you remain inwardly focused and outwardly flexible to form to your environment and it to you?  Consider how relaxed you become when you are in your favorite part of nature.  What inner changes can you enact that will more perfectly work congruously with all nature?  With all five kingdoms and Mother Earth?

Here is an experiential exercise: Relax, breathe gently and close your eyes.  Let  your mind wander and let these examples expand to pairings your are familiar with (like the hummingbird and flower).  As you breathe gently, allow your thoughts to dissipate and just focus on the pairing you chose.  Allow that part of you beyond your thinking mind to expand awareness of that pairing; its eloquent nature, how each life form benefits and works together, how energy is conserved the more the two forms work together.

Now, continuing to breathe gently, allow how your own relationship in its several levels conforms, works together, conserves energy.  Allow yourself to be an even more eloquent expression of your life.

After a few moments, when you feel the moment is right, breathe few deeper breaths and open your eyes.  You may wish to journal your insights.


Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.