Red is not Red

Richard JelusichBlog

WherRed is Not Redever you may live, have you noticed how many drivers go through that red light, sometimes long after it is red, and sometimes 3 or 4 drivers go through?  Red is not Red any longer.

What happened to the limit, to the ‘light is yellow, about to turn red’ letting you know you must come to a stop?  Why is it OK for some to go through the red light and not you?  Or are you the one cruising through when the light is green for the cross-traffic?

What is happening to limits – is this a sign of the transformation of our society into something else?  Is it a sign that we are so evolved that we no longer need traffic lights?  A sign that we just don’t give a s**t and are too busy with our own schedules to bother?

You don’t have to be a philosopher to see that life appears much more complicated and ‘speeded up’ and appears to continue in its ‘rapidification’.  The Mayan culture, in their predictions about 2012 told about the Inner Transformation into an entirely different state of consciousness.

Imagine a red ball.  Drop it on a hard surface and it bounces successively lower and faster.   Lower.  And faster.

Now think of the time we are living in.  Events are speeding up (bouncing faster).  And it is taking less time between events (bouncing closer to the surface).  Ultimately, to what end?  The end of time, as we know it.

Think of the traffic lights, timed for traffic flow.  Place yourself in a city where there can be much traffic.  We love our freedom and independence to drive, but are collectively slowed down in rush hour or high traffic areas.  So we push the limits faster and with less time between trials.  Red is not red.  The End is not the end.

Pick a science – chemistry, material science, microbiology, genetics, astronomy.  We are constantly speeding up our understanding and taking much less time between advances.  Observe how quantum mechanics and non-linear (esoteric teachings) are seeping out of the cracks in the hard science to show the interconnectedness of all things.

What is pushing us, even in such mundane (and irritating) events as what appears to be universal red light crashers?  Has our technology fast outpaced our conscious capacity to live in such ordered chaos?  Are we merely trying to keep up with ‘rapidification’?

butterfly transformationOr is it a greater sign of where the global human consciousness is at this point in our collective spiritual evolution?  How many of us have a myriad, a cornucopia of challenges, like the circus juggler we try to keep it all aloft?  Is it all about mental capacity and coping, or is it the chrysalis beginning its struggle (journey) through the cocoon state of the caterpillar to the transformation of butterfly?

And if you were a caterpillar with your 100 pairs of Nike shoes, trying to get around as fast as you can, would you stop to think a butterfly was about to emerge from within you, or would you just quicken your pace to handle the many tasks at hand?

And if a butterfly were to speak with you and tell you there’s no need for such a rapid pace, that there were more eloquent ways of getting around than waiting for that red light to change?  So the butterfly spreads its beautiful wings and informs you that you too will sport such accoutrements.  What would you think?  Turn in your Nikes?

And yet these are the very prophecies the ancients like the Mayans were conveying in their steleas, codices and structures.  Our planet is going through a massive transformation.  One cannot fault being a caterpillar nor a butterfly.

However, somewhere within the caterpillar is the butterfly and within the butterfly a future caterpillar.  There is a cycle of expansion and compression to all things, and we are in a vast expansion of consciousness on a planetary scale.

When next you come to the red light, what will you do?  Are you the caterpillar or the butterfly?  Will you make a more conscious choice when you feel you’ve reached your red light in life?  Run it or find a way to elevate yourself beyond the perception of limitations?

The choice is yours.