The Spring Equinox

Richard JelusichBlog

sunrise-165094__180Cycles and Rhythms – our most wondrous universe is a process of movement like a dance of cosmic harmony. You and I are as connected to all the workings of the universe as your hand is connected to your arm. Inseparable.

Our Mother Earth (Gaia, Pachamama, Daearen, Eridu, Ix Mukane) is a living, breathing being as you and I, and she has her cycles and rhythms. All of the molecules and atoms in your body come from Mother Earth; your esoteric and biological being are karmically and functionally connected.

When our Mother makes her transit around the Sun, we experience the shortening and lengthening of days, the turn of seasons whether drawing in to conserve or bursting forth to manifest. There is a cycle and a rhythm to all things.

The ancients knew this timing well, not just about Mother Earth but the solar system, the galaxy and the cosmos as well. Do you think yourself separate from your ancestors or from the workings of this universe? Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. That means the atoms in your body are as old as this universe. You are not separate from all things nor processes of creation.

springAs Spring in the northern hemisphere marks the sun’s transit over the equator, it also marks the strong heartbeat of coming forth, of creation and renewal, cracking open the egg or seed, of exuberant energy to come forth with even greater power and energy than before, for the cycle has once again come to that place of coming forth.

You are coming forth – always and forever, for it is inevitable that you should do so. It is in your nature to grasp and evolve to the awareness of your true nature as spirit and body, inseparable from all creation.

Ever renewing, self-evolving, always creating is the very nature of your being. Allow this time of year and the abundance of Mother Earth’s constant renewal to fuel your inner desire for growth, understanding and compassion. Feel your connection and Mother’s pulse, her heartbeat, and align yourself to your greatest purpose. Go within to reveal the power to burst forth, to create endlessly and to realize that Love is the foundation of all creation.