Spring is Bursting Forth

Richard JelusichBlog

Spring.  A season in the cycle of life where that which has been saved/conserved is ready to burst forth to become what it was meant to be.  There is an endless cycle in the seasons of our lives, similar to the seeds that carry all of the information of that which they are to be.  You and I all go through cycles that are much like the four seasons: growth, fruition, letting go, going with in.

Everything that is needed to become the fruit tree is already contained in the seed.  It is in the nature of the seed, when given the proper circumstances (water, fire (sun), earth, air) that vivify the seed to sprout.

And all cycles are sacred –

  • Growth.  Through persistence to harmonize with your environment and its circumstances and to burst forth with energy, meaning and uniqueness
  • Fruition.  To bear the unique fruits that you were meant to externalize in this life.  Those fruits, when full, also contain the seeds of the next generation.  Perhaps the tree of your life blossoms with even more fruit in the next cycle.
  • Letting go.  All fruit is meant to be plucked.   That allows the tree (yourself) to prepare for another cycle.  That which you brought forth to fullness to enjoy and realize is but a step towards further growth; thus the fruit has been consumed and it is time to let go as it has served its purpose.
  • Going within.  The time of retreating into the self and storing the energy in the seed.  It is a time of conservation, inner reflection, repose and recharging to ready for the next cycle.

It is really important to:

  • Honor every season of your life, whether it is bursting forth, going within, etc., because every moment of your life is sacred.
  • Offer yourself the important elements that are conducive to your growth (and sometimes this includes a little fertilizer!).  As the seed needs air, fire, earth and water, so also nurture your mind, body, emotions and spirit.  When in proper balance, you will thrive!
  • Be the unique fruit you were meant to be!  In the orchard, there are many types of fruit trees; emphasize that about you which is the authentic you!  That will help others to honor their uniqueness as well.

What are you about to bring forth?  What is germinating in your life that is ready to grow in positivity?  And how will you give yourself the proper circumstances that nurture the seed of your potential to issue forth?

Here is an exercise:

Relax, breathe gently and close your eyes. 

Breathe as though your lungs extend down to your beltline.  Does not matter if mouth open or closed.

Let go of thinking, observe your mind and thoughts from a distance.  You are not your thoughts.

Feel (let go of thinking) where you are in this moment:

  • Are you budding and in growth phase? 
  • Are you bearing the fruits of your labors? 
  • Letting go of what has served you but no longer?  Paring things out of your life?
  • In a time of going within, conserving and honoring a recharging/reshaping?

Which phase is presenting itself?  What does it feel like?  Breathe and move into that feeling as a season of your life.  Every phase of your life is important, and the seed within you has all it needs to grow and thrive. 

Honor this phase, it is just a phase, but important for your continued growth for more cycles.  Allow the seeds of consciousness within; that inner blueprint, to hold sacred this phase.

Hold this in contemplation/meditation for a few minutes or as you feel complete.

After a few moments, when you feel the moment is right, breathe few deeper breaths and open your eyes.  You may wish to journal your insights.


Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.