The Nature of Balance

Richard JelusichBlog

All things in balance: we all seek to be so in all aspects of our lives.  When things are out of balance, we can experience suffering, whether it is one or more of the four archetypes of the whole human being: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. 

There is systemic balance throughout nature: trees that thrive when the environment is balanced, earth’s distance from the sun (neither too close nor too far) balanced so life can thrive, your own autonomic nervous system.  I wrote somewhat of this in a blog called “Biological Oscillation,” how all nature tends to work together to conserve energy.  This is true on every scale.

Balance is not just limited to our bodies alone.  This element of balance from a higher perspective is pervasive, from the smallest particle to the largest structures in the universe.  Science is bringing evidence-based findings to show that this innate quality of balance is in all things.

When you are asleep, your autonomic nervous system continues you to breathe, pump blood, move food through your system and a myriad of other physiological functions with no thought to do so.  Of the 100 trillion cells in your body, not all are connected directly to the CNS (Central Nervous System).  But then how is it that each cell “knows” how to let in nutrients and expel waste matter?

You and I, whether we are aware of it or not, count on our autonomic system to function, but we also have an innate sense of balance that tells us when something is out of balance whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

There is a natural tendency towards balance; symbols like the “Yin-Yang” illustrate this union of two forces.  When looking at the symbol, there is not only balance, but a little bit of Yin in the Yang (small circle) and a little bit of Yang in the Yin.  Integral Health, for thousands of years in Chinese medicine teach us that we cannot separate the subtle energy systems from our physical nature and that balancing the subtle forces in our bodies, then can lead to balance in the four archetypes.

Then, the object for you and I is to hold that union in balance, whether it may be diet, supplements, exercise, right thinking and so on.  Don’t worry, when anything goes out of balance at some point you can become aware of it, whether through your healthcare practitioner, your own observations or life’s circumstances.  One of the greatest lessons we can learn is that our inner sense of balance and maintaining that balance in all four areas is always available to us.  Your Integral Practitioner is well versed in helping you facilitate that perfect point of balance.

The objective, through balance, is self-realization and self-empowerment, to live and thrive in your life.

Here is a gentle exercise in holding the balance:

Relax, breathe gently and close your eyes. 

Breathe as though your lungs extend down to your beltline.  Feel a rhythm to your breath.

Let your mind float like an island on a sea of consciousness.  Let that island gently undulate with your breath. 

Let go of thoughts and concentrate on a general feel of balance in all aspects of your life.

Focus on that balance and place your intention on maintaining perfect balance.

Breathe into that focus, not thinking, just focus.

Allow yourself to observe your life in perfect balance without the need to know what it must look like; just feel into it.

Do so for a few minutes or as you feel complete.

After a few moments, when you feel the moment is right, breathe few deeper breaths and open your eyes.  You may wish to journal your insights.


Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.