Representation Through Relationship

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If you want to be a better golfer, hang out with really good golfers.  Not only do you learn from their expertise and wisdom, you’ve an expanding framework to continue to improve your game.

This is an example of like attracts like.  It works across the board; from business, to the trades, sports and so on.  You desire to be better at something, so you seek out those who represent to you a higher level of attainment.

In the field of holistic, integrative (mind-body-spirit) healing, how does it work?

First of course is affiliating with practitioners who are well-versed in their expertise.  But much more important than that is the energy or consciousness they represent.  And I don’t mean just intellect, but levels of awareness.

In my book I Can Relate: how we intuitively choose the people in our lives, I write about attunement under the term “Representation through Relationship.”  Spiritual teachers use the term attunement as how one takes a psychic relationship to what the spiritual teacher represents in their level of conscious awareness.  It is “like attracts like,” but on a deeper level we all are taking psychic relationships continually to others and to our environment.

In a recent blog I spoke of a form of Biological Oscillation called “Reciprocity.”  Reciprocity is “like attracts unlike.”  Representation through relationship, on an energy level, is like attracts like.

There are no coincidences; as you travel through this life your spiritual nature always works to meet and dissolve your challenges.  We may not be aware of this, but it is always at work.  95% of all communication is not verbal or physical, but on a deeper level of being.  You are a spirit who has a physical presence.  You will attract those to whom you wish to attune.  In the case of integral healing, you can align with those practitioners to facilitate your whole being health!

And as you can attune to others for growth, they can also attune to you for the same!

Imagine the 14th Dalai Lama, a spiritual teacher of very high level of awareness.  When you listen to a lecture of his, use a mala, Tibetan prayer flags, his books, what you are really doing is taking a psychic relationship to what he represents as the 14th incarnation of himself!  That’s a lot of spiritual power.  That is why it’s always wise to seek holistic practitioners who have diligently worked hard to evolve themselves.

In I Can Relate, there are 27 case histories of how two people can interrelate based on their dominant chakra characteristics: each attracting the other into their lives for the possible benefit of inner growth from the interaction.  We do this ceasingly, whether it is in reciprocity or representation through relationship.

A real-life case history from the book “Sisters in a past life” is two women who attended one of my past lives, karma and reincarnation workshop.  The workshop consists of a lecture followed by past life readings.  I told them they were sisters in Lucerne, Switzerland, in a farming community and revealed more information about their strong 5th (throat) chakras in this lifetime.  They are both teachers and told me they were best friends for about five years.  When I asked each one about their readings, the first one said they visited Lucerne 10 years ago.  The second one visited Lucerne 15 years ago.

Before they met in this lifetime, they had each independently visited Lucern and recapitulated (brought forth the energy) of that lifetime to “find” each other again in this life time.  Because they are now inseparable best friends due to their sibling relationship in a past life, they are now as strong 5th chakra women engaged in representation through relationship; like attracts like, to further build on a great relationship in the past.

The reciprocity of this relationship offered the opportunity for great, mutual personal growth now as best friends!

As in representation through relationship, make a self-inquiry of your life and skills and think about the various people in your life.  Are any of them related to you in a like-attracts-like way, reinforcing and nurturing your skills and understanding?  One chakra tends to be more dominant than the others, setting a life-course path of growth, and both reciprocity and representation through relationship (attunement) are at work.

Here is an experiential exercise and an example of representation through relationship.

Relax, breathe gently and close your eyes. 

As your mind floats and the thoughts dissolve, allow yourself to observe your own life path, skills and attributes.  Let your mind settle on one of them.  Focus intently on one of your attributes.

Continue your meditation and one by one allow the people in your life to float in front of your awareness.  Are any of them in an attunement relationship with you?  Can you feel the like-attracts-like integration of your interactions?  Are you benefitting from them or they from you?  Can you feel how best you could facilitate each other’s growth from your innate strengths that brought you into each other’s life?

After a few moments, when you feel the moment is right, breathe few deeper breaths and open your eyes.  You may wish to journal your insights.


Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.